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  1. first bike 1983 honda magna v45 750cc wanting to know more about bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    hello! i recently picked up a 1983 honda magna v45 750cc 4 cylinder 6 speed and this is my first bike i turn 16 this summer and i am going to get my license for my bike and start riding but i would like to be able to soak up as much knowledge from you experts about my bike as much as i can i...
  2. 1984 VF700S V45 problems galore!

    Well, I may of made a hasty decision when I purchased this bike. I didn't read up on the history of these hondas but it looked so clean and it had only 7.8k miles on it! It test drove nice and smooth and everything seemed ok. This is my first big bike purchase. I have just been doing vintage...
  3. 1982 Honda Sabre v45 750 - Is it worth rebuilding?

    I recently bought a 1982 Honda Sabre for a $100 as you can imagine for $100 its rough. The engine works, just needed a new rectifier. The bike would probably need torn down and put back together and repainted and some body parts replaced ie horn splitter, battery box, etc. What would this bike...
  4. 85 Sabre 700 problems, very hard to push around

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi I just bought a Sabre 700, the bike is old, has about 23000 on it, but kept in relatively great shape. I already replaced the master cyclinder for the front brake and a gasket on the clutch's slave cylinder, it runs great and everything. Only problem is that I can't push it around, especially...
  5. Replacing Honda Ignition Coils

    I got my '83 V45 Magna inspected and tagged today! If only I could ride the hell out of it... The bike fires up and runs for a short while just fine. Maybe 10 mins. Then it starts to get sluggish and progressively worse over about 5 minutes until it stalls. When I pull the plugs the front 2 are...
  6. 83 V45 Magna Problem

    Hi all- I'm new here and I'd like to see if anyone has any thoughts on a problem I'm having with my bike. Here's a post where I describe what I've done to the bike so far to get it to the point its at: When I purchased the bike it was in pretty decent physical shape. Needed cleaned up and some...