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  1. Help on honda shadows

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi everyone i am new to this forum. I am about to buy my first bike and i going for a Honda shadow 600. I have found two that look really the way i want it to look. The first on is a 88 model It has 30k km on it and the price is 2200 euro. The second is a 92 model and has 45k km on it and...
  2. Buying used Bike!!!Also Newbie from Atlanta

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey Guys, I am a new rider from Atlanta. Did my BRC training last weeked and got my license the moment the DDS (/DMV) opened up on tuesday. Did my training at MSF in Alpharetta. Paula and Sherrie were my instructor and they were just Awesome I have read couple of previous post and the support...