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  1. 1980 Honda CM200t Twinstar Wont Start & Weird Sound - Help Please

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, Im trying to get my 1980 twinstar up and running again but have hit a road block. I recently replaced the old cylinder head (which had a stripped spark plug port) with another used but unstripped cylinder head. Being the scrub that I am, at the last timing step I dropped a bolt down the cam...
  2. replacing left crankcase gasket for Twinstar 185T

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and a new rider. I bought myself a Honda Twinstar 185T and the left crankcase gasket needs to be replaced. Does anyone have instructions on how to do this? Much appreciated!
  3. First Bike Repair Advice: cm200t

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello all! I am new to this forum and also just bought my first bike: a non running 1980 honda twinstar cm200t. I don't have a lot of experience with fixing a bike, but have been trying to diagnose the issues with my bike. It is in amazing condition for the year. It is perfectly clean, no...
  4. honda twinstar taillight

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! ive got all the electrical issues figured out on my 1980 Honda twinstar. it has already been converted to a 12v system. everything works perfect except for the damned tail light. it lights up when brakes applied but ive got no running light...
  5. 79' Twinstar Odometer is over active!

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 79' Honda Twinstar cm185t has a problem with its odometer. I went for a ride that was aprox 1.5 miles and the odometer box was making a strange noise like a high speed wind up toy. The faster I went, the louder it got, and when I'd come to a stop it would take a second, but the noise would...
  6. keep burning lights

    First Bike / New Rider
    dude I cant seem to keep headlights or taillights good in my 1980 Honda twinstar!! its aggravating!! the high beam is always the first to go, then the low beam, all in about a week. the brake light works all the time but the running light portion works for about 5 minutes then quits. ive got...
  7. 1980 Honda Twinstar Engine repair - Right Side Crank Case Bolt

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone, So, big day - excited about finally putting my Twinstar back together and wouldn't you know it? The torque wrench that I bought from Ghetto Freight, :: ahem :: I mean Harbor Freight, malfunctioned and I over-torqued my bolt. It snapped in two (yes, I was following the...
  8. CM185 Couple issues posted in one thread

    Motorcycle Repair
    Sorry for the long post but want to minimize the number of threads I create. '78 CM185T 1. Service manual says to check the coil there should be continuity between both primary wires black/white and blue. Check Also says there should be continuity between both secondary wires. Fail. This...
  9. Help! 1981 Honda Twinstar Ignition Coil

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 81 Honda Twinstar in Hopes Of Fixing it up. Everything on the Bike seems to work just fine but I have no spark! I have been looking for hours on all the part sites I can find for a ignition coil (30500-465-771)or(30500-465-772) for a twinstar. However it has been discontinued by...
  10. Hello From Logan Utah

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all I am new to motorcycle forum. I've been riding motorcycles for about 20 years and have owned several. Currently I own 3 1970's vintage Hondas. I don't have natural mechanical ability and was looking for a bike to learn to wrench on. I found 3 "barn bikes" which were running when they...
  11. 81 Twinstar bogging out

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently bought an 81 Twinstar to go to and from work. I am currently have the issue where if I hit the throttle somewhat hard, it will immediately bog out. If I just accelerate gradually it is fine. After I cleaned out the carb I noticed the pilot screw was tightened all the way, I backed it...
  12. Twinstar bogging at open throttle

    First Bike / New Rider
    This may be the wrong forum for it, but I dont have enough posts to go elsewhere. I recently bought an 81 Twinstar to go to and from work. I am currently have the issue where if I hit the throttle somewhat hard, it will immediately bog out. If I just accelerate gradually it is fine. After I...
  13. 78 Honda Twinstar throttle cable solved!

    Hard to Get Parts
    I have a 78 Honda Twinstar CM185t and anyone whose tried to find a throttle cable for this bike or similar knows that its damn near impossible. However! I found a solution via my local motorcycle shop guy. He provided me with the information that a suitable replacement throttle cable for that...
  14. Too much slack on throttle cable!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all. Coonass here. I just recently replaced the carb on my 78 twinstar CM185 with an ever so slightly different one. Since then, the throttle has had so much slack in the cable that if I were to twist it all the way out, I can twist it back about a quarter turn before theres even any...
  15. Thinking of buying a bobber

    Choppers and Showbikes Forum
    I am looking at buying an 81' twinstar that has been turned into a bobber. I want a cool little bike to get around town and this seems like it. I was just wondering, Im new to the bobber world, what should I be keeping an eye out for? I mean, is there generally common issues that are had with...