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  1. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I am new to the forums and can't decide if I should change my tubes or just use the old ones. I have a 2017 Crf 250 L and 5k or 6k miles on it in its first year. 95% of the riding is on road as a commuting bike to school and for fun. I got the Shinko 705 for both my tires and can not decide if I...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    I recently bought a 1977 GT380, and it wasn't running great so I took apart the carburetor and cleaned it. I put the carb back in, but now I can't remember where all of the hoses went to. I have included a photograph. The tube that is it question is the one that is coming from the left side...
  3. Tires
    So I'm looking for a new front tire for my 72 Honda cb350. The manual calls for a 3.00-18 tube type. After a decent amount of searching I've found some IRC GS-11 tube type tires that fit my size. I found these through Now my question is, do these tube type tires come with a tube...
  4. General Motorcycle Discussion
    While patching my first flat, it occurred to me that the puncture wouldn't have flattened a tubeless tire. It was caused by a smooth round wire that would have simply filled the hole it made in the tire, and at most would have been a very slow leak. As it turned out, the end of the wire...
1-4 of 4 Results