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  1. Should I replace my inner tubes with this tire change?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I am new to the forums and can't decide if I should change my tubes or just use the old ones. I have a 2017 Crf 250 L and 5k or 6k miles on it in its first year. 95% of the riding is on road as a commuting bike to school and for fun. I got the Shinko 705 for both my tires and can not decide if I...
  2. Inner tube and tire repair on the road. advice need.

    Motorcycle Repair
    hi all. total newbie here. need advice please. -if i have puncture, do i need to plug the tire in addition to replacing the tube? or is that not necessary? -what are the minimum necessary tools to replace a tube on the road without any assistance? thanks!
  3. What exactly are tube and tubeless tires?

    Cruiser Forum
    Ok, so please excuse me if this is an obviously dumb question, but I am new to motorcycles. I've been looking at many cruisers and changing my own tires and all that, I've also seem some things on tube and tubeless tires. I know one has an inner-tube and the other does not. However can any bike...
  4. Mystery tube coming from the carburetor

    Motorcycle Repair
    What are the tubes for that come down from underneath the carburetor float bowl? I have a 1974 Honda CB360. There is a thin tube--approximately 10" long each--hanging down from the bottom of each carburetor float bowl and they're not attached to anything at the other end of the tube. Are they...
  5. What size inner tube (rear) for 1975 TS185

    Motorcycle Repair
    I need to replace the inner tube on the rear tire for my 1975 Suzuki TS185. Its an old 2-stroke enduro with very large tires. i just need to know the dimensions or size of the rear inner tube so i can get it replaced and go riding again. thanks