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  1. Exhaust Baffles

    Vintage Forum
    I have a 1974 Suzuki ts185 that I'm restoring. I'd like to quiet the thing down and was wondering if anyone knew of a aftermarket source for something like that. The ID for the outlet is 38 mm.
  2. Suzuki TS185 Gear shifting problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've got a 1971 Suzuki TS185 I bought from a scrapyard a few years back. It took me a while but I've finally got it up and running. The major issue is that it desn't seem to be shifting up. With the clutch engaged, I press down on the gear shift and it clicks once. Then, I pull up on the gear...
  3. Strange issue with 1973 Suzuki TS185

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, It's been quite some time since I have visited this forum, been out of high school since 2012 and work is my life now. It sucks having to grow up! Anyways I have had a 1973 Suzuki TS185 dual sport/enduro bike for quite some time and it use to run good back in about 2009 when I...
  4. Suzuki TS185 Identification

    Hi there, I've recently purchased myself a TS185 and am currently trying to order some parts for it, however I can't seem to figure out what year the bike was manufactured. The number on the frame says "TS185- 83003" and the engine number is "TS185-83034". I've searched the internet for hours...
  5. Need help Tuning Carburetor

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello all, I recently got my 1973 Suzuki TS185 over to my main residence in suburban Cincinnati. The bike is an old 2stroke enduro, 183cc to be exact. I am going to restore the bike and return it to street legal form, however before spending a lot of money tracking down parts for a 39 year old...
  6. how do i change the gear ratio?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Not sure how this works im new and i dont understand all the information that has been given to me. wish they made it simpler maybe a book for dummies haha well i just want my bike to be able to cruise at 55 mph without having it at such high rpm's in 5th gear. i have a 1974 ts185. any help is...
  7. 2003 KX125- worth the trade?

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    My friend is a dirt bike collector/rider and he has intrigued me with a trade he wants to make. i am considering trading my excellent condition 1973 suzuki ts185 2-stroke enduro with tachometer for his 2003 kawasaki kx125. Mine runs strong and has a good 5-speed manual tranny. it will go about...
  8. Is there a governor on my bike?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just recently got my 1973 Suzuki TS185 2-stroke enduro bike running good and most things are going well except for one little thing i find strange. when i am riding on smooth country roads on my bike in either 4th or 5th gear, if i exceed the throttle past a certain point (not even close to...
  9. TS185 leaking oil from drive sprocket

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1973 Suzuki TS185 is leaking transmission oil from the front drive sprocket area and i was wondering if there is some kind of seal that goes behind it that could be bad or if the TS185's have some kind of auto-chain-luber which would explain it. its not a big deal because it only drips when...
  10. 1973 ts185 LIVES!!!!

    after painstaking hours of thinking and messing with my 1973 Suzuki TS185 i am extremely proud to say she is finally alive and well as of yesterday. how did you finally get it to work you may ask. well after cleaning the carb had no affect i took the carb back off and planned to get a new...
  11. please help me out. dont know what to do

    Motorcycle Repair
    Ok so im at my dads house for a while. Yesterday was the first time i TRIED to ride my 1973 suzuki ts185. Didnt work out so well. i have to feather on the throttle or the bike will immediately die. i usually feather it around 3000-4000rpm to keep it alive. Today i kinda rode it. well it took me...
  12. Dont i feel like an idiot

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Well i went to my dads this past weekend to put some needed parts on My suzuki TS185. I had ordered a clutch lever, air filter, carb-throttle spring, and a rear inner tube. Well I installed the parts (except for the inner tube because it is impossible to get the tire off) and proceeded to clean...
  13. What oil should i use for top performance?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im going to change the oil in my 1975 suzuki TS185 and was wondering what kind of transmission oil is best to use. The tranny is a wet sump system. Also what type of 2-stroke oil should i put in the oil injector? the bike is a 183cc 2-stroke enduro with a 5-speed manual wet tranny. its got an...
  14. Thread at the bottom of my exhaust?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I was looking at my 1975 Suzuki TS185 and noticed something odd. on the bottom underside of the Exhaust there is a Large threading. nothing is threaded into it and after i had the engine running awhile a black liquid was dripping from the threaded hole. so i found a bolt that fit and i wrapped...
  15. How do i lower seat height?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I need to lower the seat height on a 1975 Suzuki TS185 because its way too high and when balancing the bike upright at a stop my feet barely touch the ground and im afraid one day it will lean from an air blast and i wont be able to keep it from falling over (im only 5'5 114lbs). Anyways im...
  16. 1975 suzuki TS185

    Vintage Forum
    Needs some carb work but motor has good compression and is in excellent condition with no rust only dirt. missing the original bells and whistles (headlight, tailight, turn signals, battery, speedo) but has the original tach and thats what matters most. Its a 183cc 2stroke manual enduro. got a 5...
  17. 1975 Suzuki TS185 pics and progress

    Motorcycle Repair
    This Is my 1975 Suzuki TS185. 183cc 2-stroke enduro bike with oil injector and a manual 4 speed tranny. Its missing the Speedo, Headlight, taillight, turn signals, battery, and thats about it. i recently ordered a clutch cable, clutch lever, rear inner tube, and air filter from bikebandit and...
  18. Big problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    As you may know i have been looking to fix my problem of my 1975 Suzuki TS185 not idling. well i decided to get a completely new carb online with money in bank account. i was about to order a new Mikuni VM26 round slide 26mm carb when i noticed the picture. My suzuki's (stock) carb has a...
  19. What size inner tube (rear) for 1975 TS185

    Motorcycle Repair
    I need to replace the inner tube on the rear tire for my 1975 Suzuki TS185. Its an old 2-stroke enduro with very large tires. i just need to know the dimensions or size of the rear inner tube so i can get it replaced and go riding again. thanks
  20. Changing inner tube on TS185?

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1975 Suzuki TS185 has a flat inner tube and it needs replaced. Whenever i fill it you hear an eerie air leak coming from an unknown area. sometimes i think its leaking from the vale stem itself. anyways what is are some steps to take off the rear tire because ive never attemped to change one...