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  1. Moto Muppets, enduro riding around the world

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    Hi, we are a group of enduro and motocross riders and started to share our trips around the world. Just started filming and sharing our adventures so there isn't too much yet, but we'll update monthly. Mongolia 10 days epic enduro tour North Thailand enduro during rain season Next will be...
  2. Suzuki Boulevard C90 for Europe tour?

    Touring Forum
    I live in Oklahoma and my wife and I are planning on moving to either Germany or Scotland in about a year, and we want to start the move with a 2-6 month motorcycle tour across Europe. Has anyone used a Boulevard C90 for a long distance trip like this? Also I need some information about...
  3. A Journey Through Northern Pakistan - Tell me your first big bike journey

    Motorcycle Stories
    Well I came from florida to visit my cousin in lahore, Pakistan. We always wanted to do a motorcycle trip through the Karakoram mountains to the chinese border. Then a few weeks before my arrival we decided to do it. When I got there we spent a few days looking for a bike, and bought a little...
  4. Boating Across the Susquehanna

    Photography Showcase
    Last weekend the girlfriend and I went for a 120 mile trip around Central PA... Unfortunately, the only pictures I took were at the very beginning. We started our trip in my hometown, Millersburg, PA. From there, we took the last wooden stern paddle wheel ferry boat in the county across the...
  5. First Long Distance Trip.

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've planned a 5,000 mile motorcycle trip to go on for the full month of August using my 1978 Honda CB400 Hondamatic. I'm going to be taking back roads and will be taking it slow(maybe 250 miles a day), I also plan on picking up a passenger halfway through. Is this trip even possible with a...
  6. anyone going my way?

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    ok im from oxnard ca, in about 30 days (may 9th), im going to ride to sd, me and my gf are going to patch things up, im going to poway to be exact, ive never left oxnard for more then a weeklet alone by myself, navigating, this may be a lil weird, but, if anyone can like, you know help out it...