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  1. Trans / clutch problems 81 Honda cm400

    Motorcycle Repair
    Greetings from Philadelphia! New guy needs some help, (shocking!). Took my '81 cm 400 custom apart over the winter, got all the rust and pitting off, cleaned the carbs and replaced some gaskets, bike looks great, problem is it won't shift. I have the lifter piece and circlip in the right places...
  2. so new that I'm not sure of what noises are normal

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just bought a 96 magna 750 that, from the outside, looks really really clean. I'm pretty much self taught on how to ride. Bought the bike, had the guy drive it 20 minutes to my house, and the next day, got on and went through trial and error. The worst that I had was stalling out because...