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  1. 2013 yamaha fz6r transmission issues?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Greetings all, i have 13 yamaha fz6r all stock with approx 13000miles.. the transmission started to act up only in 2nd gear. when in 2nd gear under agressive driving and rpm climbing "preparing to shift into 3rd", it would act as if its slipping in and out of gear rapidly. at first i thought it...
  2. A strange clunk while revving the engine

    Motorcycle Repair
    When I start my engine(TVS Apache) there is this strange clung coming within the transmission area, even in Neutral! I have done about 10k kms with no major problems. But this, this bugs me, almost seems like the piston rings are rubbing against the inner cylinder wall? Or the carburetor is not...
  3. Bike won't shift above 4th Gear (Suzuki)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi Guys, My 2007 Suzuki GS500 will not shift above fourth gear and has difficulty getting into neutral. This problem is new after winter storage. With the engine off and shifting the gear shift lever by hand the gears make moderately loud clunks with an attempt into fifth gear making a click...
  4. Donated broke down Johnny Pag

    Motorcycle Repair
    My son's 2007 Johnny Pag "Raptor" broke down while he was near my house. When it broke down, my son was in 5th gear, coming to a light. He stopped the bike, and tried to put it into 1st, but it would not go. He had to rev up the motor really high to get it away from the light. Once safely in a...
  5. Small engine transmission issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 110cc pocket bike with a standard honda based horizontal pit bike style motor. I bought the bike online with "carb troubles" for dirt cheap. I always wondered why someone wouldn't just clean the carb and have a working bike to sell for triple but I soon found out why. The bike is a pain...
  6. 1985 Honda Shawdow VT700 Shifter Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    This is my first bike, first forum post and first issue - so if I don't get any of this right please let me know. Anyway, I bought a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700 and I'm having an issue with the shifter lever. The bike was pretty much fine when I got it, other than 1st being a little tricky. It...
  7. Diagnose transmission problem? (97 Honda Shadow)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey folks, new to the forum and relatively so to motorcycle repair, hoping for your sound advice. With the bike stopped and in neutral, after I engage the clutch and drop down to first, as I slowly disengage the clutch and roll on the throttle the bike seems to momentarily jam and lurch...
  8. 1967 Yamaha ycs180 clutch

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello people, I just bought my first bike on craigslist, a 1967 Yamaha ycs180. When I got it it was running fine and the previous owner had done a complete cleaning of apparently, but I was unhappy with the feel of the clutch. I only reached the friction zone very close to the end of releasing...
  9. 2007 cbr 125 honda please help if you can

    Motorcycle Repair
    Four days ago I bought a Honda cbr125 , today I shifted down to second to make a turn at the lights, when it pop out of gear and revved as though it was in neutral, I pushed it into a parking lot tryin out the gears .. But nothing, it just revs like it's in neut. I can roll it like it's in...
  10. Oilhead transmission swap

    I am looking at swapping a transmission from a 1999 r1100s into a 1995 r1100r. Can anyone tell me if this possible. Are there any gotcha`s? Thanks!
  11. Honda CA110 Transmission Help!!

    My Dad and I bought an old Honda CA110 that had been sitting for years. After putting new gas in the think and a new spark plug, the thing started on the first kick and has been running great. However, something is not right with this bike. The transmission sequence is up, down, down, down...
  12. Parking in Neutral

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    A motorcycle mechanic told me this morning, that leaving the bike in gear causes the transmission springs to wear out prematurely. Is this a generally accepted idea, or one that is controversial or just untrue?
  13. New and need some adivce 1986 kaw voyager

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I just purchased a 1986 voyager with 24,000 miles. Since 1998 it has gone approx 2100 miles so has sat for awhile. The owner put a new battery in it and new fuel. (I noticed a little spot rust in the tank that can be rubbed off with your finger) bike started seemed to idle fine a little...
  14. 71' cb350 only shifts into first

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 71' cb350 only shifts from neutral down to first. From there I cannot get it back into neutral without a bit of trouble and forget about 2nd. I think the clutch itself is working because when I am in first and pull the clutch lever the bike is free to roll and then when I release the clutch...
  15. Shift lever is loose

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, I have a 1981 Honda CM200. I was riding it yesterday and, as I was on a side road, the shift lever went loose on me. Basically, if I kick it down to 1st it doesn't click in gear. However, it will start up with the electric start. From there, it's just loose. If I attempt to kick...