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  1. Moto Muppets, enduro riding around the world

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    Hi, we are a group of enduro and motocross riders and started to share our trips around the world. Just started filming and sharing our adventures so there isn't too much yet, but we'll update monthly. Mongolia 10 days epic enduro tour North Thailand enduro during rain season Next will be...
  2. Motorcycle GT: Italy vs Spain.

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Fellow Riders: I would like to ask your opinion on the motorcycle grand tour we are planning to do with a friend. Currently we are discussing over where to do it. Option 1 İtaly; Starting from Torino, Mondovi, Genoa, Manarola, Pistoia, Florence, Borgo san Lorenzo, San Marino, Option 2...
  3. Explore the NE - Vietnam

    Touring Forum
    Dear All riders, The North East Vietnam is one of the best destination for motorcycle tour in Vietnam, here below the plan ride from the 3rd January 2015 to the 8th January 2015, including 6 days / 5 nights 3 January 2015: Hanoi - Tan Trao. Stay with Tay family 4 January 2015: Tan Trao - Bac...
  4. HELP! I have no idea what I am doing!

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello there, I am 20 year old kid who grew up in New Jersey. I have exactly ZERO experience with motorcycles other than the fact that I have always wanted one (but the parents arent too keen to see that happen). Anyway. I am in the very initial stages of planning a trip to South America and...
  5. Superbike Tour of France

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi everybody, I’m new to this or indeed any forum so please excuse me if im posting in the wrong place. I’ve posted a video on youtube of a summer bike tour which three of us did in france which I hope some of you would enjoy seeing. To see the clip go to youtube and search “Superbike Tour of...