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  1. Questions about Tire Sizing

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm new to riding and am looking at a 2009 Honda CRF230M. It's the only available dual sport near my location at a reasonable price. The 'M' model comes standard with a front tire 110/70-17 Dunlop GT401 Arrowmax and a rear tire 130/70-17 Dunlop GT401 Arrowmax. Obviously, it has 17-inch...
  2. Plugged tyre

    Ok, here's one for ya! I was in London last night on my way home to Birmingham, about 130 miles. And then it happened, just started my journey and I get a puncture in my brand new Avon, only been on a week. Anyway, found the culprit, bloody big nail almost dead centre of the tyre. Time is about...
  3. Duel Sport bike-- mostly for street driving

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    The question I have is what kind of tires I should get? Since I'll mostly be riding on the street. Keep in mind that I'll also be riding in the dirt/rocky mountain trail type stuff a good amount of time too (for fun). I hear going 50/50 is wise, but since I'll be doing much more rode riding is...
  4. Tires for an 81 gs450

    New bike owner here so I appreciate any help/advice you may have. I have only been able to find one rear tire that matches what is currently on my 81 gs450, 110/90/17. My commute will be about 45 min each way at highway speeds so I'd really like to get the nicest tire I can and not be stuck...
  5. What exactly are tube and tubeless tires?

    Cruiser Forum
    Ok, so please excuse me if this is an obviously dumb question, but I am new to motorcycles. I've been looking at many cruisers and changing my own tires and all that, I've also seem some things on tube and tubeless tires. I know one has an inner-tube and the other does not. However can any bike...
  6. Time to move up?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Alright, I haven't been on here awhile. I got my 05 ninja EX250 about 3 months ago and have put about 1000 miles on it already. I want to sell it this winter and buy a gixxer 600 6k or newer. I have dumped the bike one time coming around a corner because a deer jumped in front of me in the...
  7. Tube Type Tires Question

    So I'm looking for a new front tire for my 72 Honda cb350. The manual calls for a 3.00-18 tube type. After a decent amount of searching I've found some IRC GS-11 tube type tires that fit my size. I found these through Now my question is, do these tube type tires come with a tube...
  8. How much tire dry got is too much? Any at all?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, Now that my new bike is running well, I'm replacing all the consumables that need to be replaced and doing a final run through of all other components. I saw some dry rot on my front tire but I'm not sure if it needs to be replaced. There is only a little bit of cracking on the edge...
  9. New to tires, questions...

    So I am new to riding and was testing out a bike the other day I was thinking about buying. The previous weekend I had just finished up my MSF course and was feeling pretty comfortable on a bike...on a dead end car less street that is. It was a Kawasaki Ninja 250r and I was going down the road...
  10. Cheng Shin ?

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    My baby has its original Cheng Shin tires, and the rear is about used up. The front doesn't have much wear at all. Should I dump it while I'm replacing the rear with a Pirelli Route 66?
  11. Good/Cheap Mechanic in Philadelphia? Need Tires Changed

    Motorcycle Repair
    My first thread here... So I've called a few places. Dealers wanted $300 just to change the tires, not actually including the rubber! Said would be around $500 for everything installed. That seems absolutely crazy to me... Called a scooter repair place and they quoted me about $140 to...
  12. Tube tires, how often flat?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    While patching my first flat, it occurred to me that the puncture wouldn't have flattened a tubeless tire. It was caused by a smooth round wire that would have simply filled the hole it made in the tire, and at most would have been a very slow leak. As it turned out, the end of the wire...
  13. Des Moines IA Suzuki Service / Dealerships

    I am in Des Moines heading back to Sacramento from Maine.... I decided to stop and get a new rear tire for my 2007 c50 as its running thin (16000+ Miles on the original). Getting it tomorrow morning - brand begins w/"M" - can't remember name, but I am told its a good one. cost installed - about...
  14. Tire suggestions.

    What's the stickiest tire you have come across? I'm not so concerned about tread life. If I get 3000 miles out of them I'm happy. I just want really sticky tires.