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  1. HELP - Tire type and size - Honda cb650sc nighthawk

    First Bike / New Rider
    Howdy. My name is Adam. I am a 21 year old enlisted crew chief in the Air Force. I just purchased my first bike, a 1985 Honda CB650sc nighthawk and I have a handful of questions that my bike’s manual answers but not with the answers id like. Here is what my manual shows. Pretty straightforward...
  2. Tire machine

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I love it when big boxes with new toys get delivered :cool: I went with Weaver since that's the same brand as my lift which as worked great, had good reviews, and it came with free lift gate delivery. A lucky and unexpected plus was that I ended up with the same delivery driver, a great guy...
  3. Should I replace my inner tubes with this tire change?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I am new to the forums and can't decide if I should change my tubes or just use the old ones. I have a 2017 Crf 250 L and 5k or 6k miles on it in its first year. 95% of the riding is on road as a commuting bike to school and for fun. I got the Shinko 705 for both my tires and can not decide if I...
  4. Inner tube and tire repair on the road. advice need.

    Motorcycle Repair
    hi all. total newbie here. need advice please. -if i have puncture, do i need to plug the tire in addition to replacing the tube? or is that not necessary? -what are the minimum necessary tools to replace a tube on the road without any assistance? thanks!
  5. GPz needs new shoes

    I ride a 83 GPz 750 and My rear tire barely passed inspection this year. the bike takes a 130/80-18 but that size is not very popular. I have found some 120/90-18 that are a little narrower but close in height. that size is popular enough that i have alot of options. I don't have a lot of money...
  6. I Need Tires For My Ninja 250r. What To Get?

    I have a 2005 Ninja 250r and discovered a nail in my rear tire :mad: Instead of patching or plugging, I have decided to just get a new rear tire. Maybe a front also. I have found 2 kinds of tires that are the right sizes. The Dunlop K630, and the Metzeler Feelfree. Which do you think would be...
  7. Tire Size ? for 70' cb350

    Motorcycle Repair
    I am looking to get new tires on my cb350 and would like to try and get a little wider tire than what I have on there now. A guy at a service shop said that a front tire 100/90-18 and rear tire 110/90-18 are what I need. Does this sound right? Thanks!
  8. What size inner tube (rear) for 1975 TS185

    Motorcycle Repair
    I need to replace the inner tube on the rear tire for my 1975 Suzuki TS185. Its an old 2-stroke enduro with very large tires. i just need to know the dimensions or size of the rear inner tube so i can get it replaced and go riding again. thanks
  9. Changing inner tube on TS185?

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1975 Suzuki TS185 has a flat inner tube and it needs replaced. Whenever i fill it you hear an eerie air leak coming from an unknown area. sometimes i think its leaking from the vale stem itself. anyways what is are some steps to take off the rear tire because ive never attemped to change one...