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  1. Really Useful Packing and Travel Tips

    Videography Showcase
    Hey guys hope you all are starting to unthaw. Now that Spring is on its way it's time to think about planning those trips this summer. I don't know about you but I spend all winter getting ready for my summer trips. I have put together two how to videos that I hope you enjoy and find useful...
  2. Shooting a travelogue of the North West

    Northwestern USA
    Just wanted to throw out a project that I am working on; Rallies & Rides. It started last summer when I got a GoPro and went for a ride. I started shooting local rides with a bit of history at the stops. Next summer we are planning on shooting some rides outside the State of Idaho. I would...
  3. 1980 kawasaki CSR 305 Advice

    First Bike / New Rider
    So I have a friend who is selling his 1980 Kawasaki CSR, It's got 19391 miles on it, and is in pretty good shape. From what I can tell he takes good care of it, with one of the only problems being that the left blinker doesn't work, which he said he'll fix before selling. The Kelley Blue Book...
  4. 1980 CM400E Carb cleaning

    I have done little maintenance on motorcycles. I do have a mechanical mind but cleaning carbs is kind of a scary idea. If any one can help me out with this it would be great. What are the tools and chemicals will I need for this project? Also what kind of time frame are we talking, 3-6 hours...
  5. numerous questions

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, so just saw this forum, and wanted to learn a lot more about bikes, the mechanics, and little tips and tricks on riding. i saw the sport bike warning how it is'nt a good first bike, but was wondring if that was limited to shorter/smaller guys and gals, or if it was pretty standard. i know i...