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  1. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    Hi, I own a '99 Honda VTR Firestorm (SuperHawk 996) and I would like to know how tight a timing chain should be. At the moment my bike has the automatic chain tensioner. We removed the head cover and had a poke at the timing chain with a finger and it felt super tight and had no slack at all. We...
  2. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    Hello all, I have completed my rebuild of my Nighthawk 700s, at least I thought. Whenever it fires up and runs it makes this horrible noise, almost like the timing chain is scraping against something or is loose and is flying out and hitting something. However I took the chain tensioner out...
  3. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    I have a Honda CB400TII and I'm tryin to put the sprocket onto the cam shaft but the timing chain around the sprocket is really tight an there's not enough slack to lift it onto the shoulder of the shaft. I don't know if maybe a few of the links are kinked in the bottom or its its just that...
1-3 of 3 Results