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  1. 09 DR 200SE ticking sound and loss of power

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    I recently purchased a 09 DR 200SE on craigslist for my first bike after riding it for probably around 400 miles I had not had any issues with it until I over-revved the bike and immediately after I over-revved it I had a HUGE loss in power (couldn't get the bike over 30 mph and seemed to have...
  2. CB125F engine ticking sound

    Motorcycle Repair
    HI everybody Short introduce first :) I'm fresh rider I bought my honda CB125F in May this year. I had first check after 600 miles but dealership in my opinion charg me to much for just oil change (£150). I decide to service my bike by my self now. On 2500 miles I change the oil for castrol...
  3. CBR250R Choppy Power Loss

    Motorcycle Repair
    Alright so I'm supposed to give the whole story... here goes. Around March of 2014 going on a long distance trip the bike slightly lost power, and when I pulled over started making a ticking sound as heard in the beginning of the video. After much worrying (and stranded in the middle of...
  4. Suzuki Savage ticking?!

    Hello, I have a '95 Suzuki Savage 650. Whenever the bike is at idle or low end RPM's, I can hear a ticking noise coming from the top end of the engine. Yesterday I adjusted my valves for the first time, and it's been quite a while that I'm aware of that they were touched. Slapped the tank...
  5. Suzuki gs500f is clicking...sigh

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm a fairly new rider. I bought a 2005 Suzuki gs500f last summer and have put 4000 miles on the thing. Recently I hit a sewer cap, locked down the rear brake, and went sliding rather ungracefully along the asphalt. I was fine, but my bike lost a mirror and needed new handlebars. The fairings...