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  1. Tachometer cable keeps breaking!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, So as the title reads my tachometer cable has broken twice now. I have bought them online (aftermarket) and they have both lasted around the same time..maybe 2 months or so. Both cables have broken in the same spot. Is this a quality issue? I am thinking I may just need to try and...
  2. First Bike: 1981 Honda CM400T

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just now purchased my first motorcycle. I've been a long time scooter owner - yes, I know they are no where near the same thing - but there is going to be a lot to do with this bike. I know that I am going to need tons of help and I figure the best place to ask would be right here with you...
  3. Tachometer won't work

    Motorcycle Repair
    I bought a 1982 Suzuki GS 400t and I've been trying to get it on the road. One problem is that the tachometer won't work. I disconnected the cable from the dial, and it wasn't spinning, so I bought a new one. I installed it today and the tachometer still didn't work. I decided to check if the...
  4. Tachometer randomly falls to zero

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im a motorcycle noob. I have a Yamaha yzf 600 rt (c) i noticed it first when i was going about 60 in 5th gear down a country road near my house. The tacho just dropped to zero and stayed for a few seconds, then jumped back to read what the motor was actually doing. Now it does it in almost...