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  1. New Member, New Bike!

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! So happy to become a member. I’ve been riding motorcycles since the age of 8. I have a few, but just yesterday I picked up this beauty. 1974 Suzuki Titan. It was ridden until 1978 then stored in a garage since. It has 700 miles on it! I can’t wait to get this bike going and back...
  2. Rear shock adjustment

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all, I new to the forum and also new to this bike. I recently bought a 2003 sv1000s and absolutely love it. It was upgraded to the zx10r rear shock which is great. However I'm having an issue of adjusting the preload nuts on the shock. I've tried pounding it and taking a spanner wrench and...
  3. Hello! Need input on my next bike purchase.

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello all riders. So I'm in the market for a new bike but I'm torn on what to get. I currently have a 2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R. It's a sweet bike but I'm just not too into sports bikes. I used to have a Harley V-ROD and loved it. So here's where I would love some suggestions: my riding will...
  4. 2002 Gs500 problems

    Sportsbike Forum
    Hello, I have a buddy with a 2002 Gs500 that is having what I think is carb problems. So leading up to today it stuttered really bad at 6500rmp and wouldn't go past 85mph and had a hard time revving in neutral, so I'm decent with motors so I think ok carb is clogged so I have him drive over and...
  5. GS500f Carbs Leaking

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay im completely lost, someone please help.. I bought a gs500f 2005 6 months ago running great. During lockdown it was left in the garage for 2 months. After those two months it had trouble starting and ruinning whcih turned out to be one of the two carbs having its float stuck closed. Fair...
  6. SV650s 2006

    Motorcycle Repair
    hello I am in need of some help, I have a 2006 sv650s only 12k on the clock, I bought this bike around 2 months ago And haven’t had no issues until last week where the bike decided to cut out as I came to a stop while holding the clutch.... I also noticed that when I rev the engine below...
  7. 1979 Suzuki GS750L Timing issues

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I have a timing issue on this bike I bought about 1 1/2 months ago. I bought the bike basically in parts I put everything back together, cleaned the carbs, had everything operational and was able to ride it. The bike always had trouble starting. It ran OK it would idle at different RPM’s...
  8. Soon to be rider (looking for opinions)

    New Member Introduction
    Hello fellow riders. I'm Jure, a 21 year old Slovenian student, who recently fell in love with motorcycles. I want to travel with a motorcycle and also hope to share my experience with other new bikers. I hope to hear an opinion about two thing: I was looking to buy a 2011 Suzuki Vstrom DL650...
  9. Electrical Being Wacky

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just bought a 1977 Suzuki GS750 the other day and I was able to get it started up if I jump start it. The whole fuel system is looking great but for some reason my bike isn't wanting to rev up or give me much power. I found out that if I keep the jumper cables connected to the bike battery and...
  10. Can someone help me identify this bike

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I found this add for this bike, all it says is that it is a Suzuki year 2001 can someone tell me what model it is? Thank you guys
  11. I’m happy to be here! Meet me

    New Member Introduction
    Hello all, my name is Will and I just joined this forum. I have minimal experience with engines aside from taking a small engines course in high school (I am going into my freshman year at Michigan State University) and building my 60cc motorized bike. I recently picked up a 1971 Suzuki TS185 I...
  12. 1979 suzuki gs425 eletrical

    Vintage Forum
    My bike was running normal before I changed out the speedo and tach bulbs. Not sure what I did but it is all messed up now. Neutral light is always on even when the key in off position and out. I can crank it over in all 3 ignition positions unless the headlight is plugged in. Turn signals do...
  13. Exhaust Baffles

    Vintage Forum
    I have a 1974 Suzuki ts185 that I'm restoring. I'd like to quiet the thing down and was wondering if anyone knew of a aftermarket source for something like that. The ID for the outlet is 38 mm.
  14. 1982 GS1100GL Not charging

    I have a 82 GS1100GL with 45,000 km. I replaced the stator and rectifier on it but still doesn't seem to be charging and the only power getting to the igniter is from the battery so when the bike runs it only runs for a short period then shuts off because the battery is drained. When running at...
  15. Help out a newbie...

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi to all. So, i guess this must be an early mid-life crisis thing for me since lately I have been daydreaming about owning a nice ADV type bike and tour around Europe and who knows..even further away in the future. The title says "newbie" because I have zero actual experience on a motorbike...
  16. Suzuki gsx 1100 g fuel pressure help

    Hi could anyone please tell me what the fuel pressure on a 1991 gsx 1100g should be
  17. Need advice

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I don't believe this belongs in any one category, so I decided to post it here. I have a 2008 Suzuki C50 that several years ago developed a back knocking sound after riding it too hard (was late for work). After hearing the knocking, I did a valve tune and oil change. This did nothing. Well...
  18. 2003 Suzuki Intruder VS800 - Not Starting but lights come on

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey Everyone, So I recently plugged my bike up to a charger for the winter and when went to put it back into the bike I believe I reversed the polarity. Due to this I ended up blowing the main fuse. I replaced the fuse, but i think I messed something up on the bike. When i plug the battery...
  19. 1980 suzuki gs550e starting problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently bought a 1980 suzuki gs550e that seemed to run and drive great. The day after I bought it it fired up perfectly that morning, played a bit, then let it sit for a few hrs while doing other stuff. After a few hrs I went to ride it again and no start. It would cough but not actually...
  20. Suzuki is showing their 2020 line-up on livestream this Friday! Also there is a Virtual MotoGP race this weekend!

    Motorcycle News in the News
    So I came across this article...apparently Suzuki is showing their 2020 line-up via Livestream this Friday! Also, there is a MotoGP virtual race this weekend...Everything is going it good or bad? Source: Suzuki Set to Livestream Their 2020 Line-Up This Friday! - iMotorbike News