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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    1978 suzuki gs750, ignition switch where the ring meets the bottom contact of the switch. fell out mid ride and i now i can't get any power to the bike and start it up. need to find out the size of that small screw so i can get the bike moving. haven't been able to figure it out online so far...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    I recently started to restore an '81 Suzuki gs750L. It was given to me with the floatbowls gone off the carb and the fuel tank full of rust. It's obviously been down on both sides and the tail light has been completely ripped off. I was told that it was running 2 months before I picked it up but...
  3. Motorcycle Repair
    Thanks in advance for looking. I have a 78 gs750 that will not electric start. When i turn the key to the on position none of the lights come on and it will not fire up. I can kick start it and push start it. When I do all the lights come on and it runs fine. I noticed that when it is started...
1-3 of 3 Results