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  1. '82 Suzuki GS650L dies while running

    Motorcycle Repair
    This bike has been an on and off pain. It starts up just fine and idles just fine, though it does need to idle high (4-5k rpm) for warming up, but it's old and I expect that. When I take it out on the road, it'll ride fine for a bit, but then it seems to bog down when I roll on the throttle at...
  2. Suzuki Savage ticking?!

    Hello, I have a '95 Suzuki Savage 650. Whenever the bike is at idle or low end RPM's, I can hear a ticking noise coming from the top end of the engine. Yesterday I adjusted my valves for the first time, and it's been quite a while that I'm aware of that they were touched. Slapped the tank...
  3. First bike, ninja, SV, etc?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Alright, I have just passed my endorsement testing and am currently looking for a bike on Craigslist to start riding. I need one for a quick commute from my apartment to school which is just in a small town and I know what everyone is thinking right away and that is to get a 250cc. I'm fine with...
  4. 1986 Savage LS650

    First Bike / New Rider
    :smiley_drinkcoffee: Greetings from the Maritimes. I bought my bike 3 years ago now. I bought it from a dealer in NB. I had researched bikes to find something cheap to fix, reliable(mostly) and economical to buy. Plus here in New Brunswick you have to take your test on a bike bigger then a 550...
  5. new guy with a SV650S for sale in DFW, TX

    New Member Introductions
    hey i'm JT from Lewisville, TX