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  1. Cbr250r suspension issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys. I own a 2015 honda cbr250r. I'm facing issues with my rear suspension. It seems to be too soft. I've had this bike for around 2 years now. I never experienced this issues in these two years except now. The rear suspension is adjustable and i tried adjusting it to make it a bit stiffer...
  2. How to remove scratches from front forks

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, I just removed the front suspensions due to some maintenance work, and since these are out I would like to remove the scratches that accumulated over time in the upper part of the suspension. all scratches are superficial and very small. any ideas how to remove? the problem is that if I sand...
  3. 1990 Yamaha XJ900 Brakes

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi I am building a track bike for weekend fun from a rat of an XJ900f, BUT XJ brakes are not the best, SO.... ....can anyone recommend a braking system that will fit current front suspension forks, which I will have up rated using a cassette system from Maxton Suspension....OR ......recommend...
  4. Lowering an 82 CB450SC

    First Bike / New Rider
    My vertically challenged girlfriend just bought her first bike, a 1982 Nighthawk 450. We have already removed most of the seat foam in order to get her feet closer to the ground, but it would be ideal to somehow get another .5" or 1". Does anybody have experience with modifying the suspension to...
  5. Fork replacement 96 suzuki Katana 600

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi guys, I have a 96 Suzuki Katana 600 and it has leaky fork seals. I had the seals replaced but the shop told me I have pitting on the inner fork tube. The pitting is what is tearing the seals and making them leak. Replacing them is a bit pricey and for the money I was wondering if I can...
  6. Honda CBR600 F4i Repair

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey so I'm looking to increase the hardness of my rear and front suspension on my bike so at 80 mph there isn't any vibration. Any tips? And another thing is would someone know how to replace the grips on the handlebars? Just got brand new stands so maintenance will be 100 times easier! Thanks!
  7. Rear Shock Knock

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi there! I installed some shorter rear shocks on my Honda cb900. The shocks compress just fine, but on the extension they 'top out' and bang pretty hard. Anyone have any ideas how to stop this? I am assuming the shocks are oil filled...could a low oil level be the problem?? Thanks so much...
  8. 96 magna exhaust and suspension ?s

    First Bike / New Rider
    Would it be ok to run 2" pipes with no muffler or baffle or whatever? Just four empty 2" pipes. I do it on my carbureted cars all the time but I wasn't sure what the risk of doing this on my bike were. Compression etc... I'm only using this bike for to and from work and daily cruising. Not...
  9. Raising zx6 back to factory specs.

    I just bought a 2007 zx6 and it is lowered 3 inches. Can anyone help me get this raised back to normal?