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  1. Hello!

    Obsolete thread
    Hello everyone, My name is Louis, the proud owner of a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300. I am 25 years old and live in California, which means year-round riding. :wink2: I'm new here, so I hope to join the community, meet other riders nearby, and learn as much as I can since I am a complete novice when...
  2. Storing Bike Inside Apartment for Winter?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi all, It's getting cold out here and I'd like to store my bike for the winter. I live in an apartment and I was wondering if it was possible to store my bike inside my living room. Has anyone ever done this? If so, what steps would you recommend? I'm familiar with basic outdoor or garage...
  3. Equipment: After the Ride?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    How do you store your equipment after the ride? I would assume the closet would be the first answer for the most of you. However, I prefer a different set up. I'm wondering if anyone else likes their bike and equipment stored/set up in a certain place or fashion? Here is how I story...
  4. Ideas on how to park bike on 25 degree incline

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    The neighbors keep calling on my bike for being on the sidewalk.. No garage, needs to be near the house so I can plug it in. Here's my question. I built a wooden ramp 2 1/2 feet wide up my stairway so I can park my 300 pound bike on it. It's a 25 degree incline with sandpaper- like grip tape...
  5. stored bike for 10 months, now won't run! help

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I was bad and improperly stored my Honda Cb1 for 10 months and now it won't rev/start. It turns on after being on a battery charger, but when i turn the throttle, it won't start... HELP Do I just need to clean the carbs? It was working completely find before I left it storage.
  6. Motorcycle covers

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Surprised there isn't a topic on this, used the search option to look for one first but didn't find it. Anywho, what kind of motorcycle covers do you guys have? Half? Full? Are some better for dry vs wet weather, why or why not? Is there any other important use for a cover aside from preventing...