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  1. 1998 honda cbr600 f3 wont start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello I am not a very mechanical person and I have run into a problem with my bike so i will describe it the best I can. I parked my bike in my garage worked fine that day. next day i went to start it and the bike wouldnt start up normally for it to start up i had to hold the throttle down for...
  2. Bike died while riding

    Motorcycle Repair
    Driving a 1985 BMW K100. Runs great with no issues...until today. After driving for about 20 minutes the engine just died. No warning, sputtering or anything else. Just flat out died. After pushing the bike to a safe place I tried to start it again and it cranked just fine but would not turn...
  3. Dropped bike, won't start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all. I have an '86 450. Yesterday, I dropped my bike at a very slow speed... I was just pulling out of a parking space and flubbed a turn. Stupid, really. I wasn't even on the road yet. In any case, I must have knocked something loose... because about three blocks away, the bike started...
  4. 83 Magna wont start

    I have an 83 V65 magna that will not start. I was riding in town, it was running fine. I stopped and ran in the store. When I came out and tried to start the bike up, it wouldnt. It would just crank and crank. I think it might be the ignitors, but what are the chance of both of them failing...
  5. Yamaha almost starts (video)

    Motorcycle Repair
    1982 yamaha vision 550. Was working when I got it and I took a look inside the carbs for fun and now it wont work. The strange thing is that I have cleaned the carbs 4-5 times now and right after I put everything back on it start up fine and run, than as soon as I kill the engine it wont start...
  6. Motorcycle Won't Start! -- Unsure of the Cause.

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a motorcycle which has a carburetor and is not fuel-injection. It was running fine yesterday. Today it started briefly but then died. I couldn't get it to start either with the electric starter or the kick starter. The kick starter makes the motor turn, but it just doesn't start. I...
  7. CB450k4 Hard kickstart and starter motor unable to start motor

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, new to this forum. Short story: '71 cb450 motor and only the necessities to start, kick started fine the first time, and it idled fine. Next, tried the starter motor, didn't work, gas shot from air jet. Kick start is now verrryyy difficult to turn, and it doesn't spring back up...
  8. Bike won't start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay, so I originally couldn't get my bike to start. I had it sitting for the winter and changed the gas and It was turning over but not firing. So then I sprayed some ether in the carbs and that got it firing up real nicely. It ran for a good day. That was a week ago. I just tried to start it...