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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 1983 Honda shadow 750. It was garage kept. It is a complete bike. The bike currently does not run. The bike turns over, it sputters but does not start. It will sputter with the choke on but, it wont run for more than one second. I went through the fuel system...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    Howdy I have searched all over the internet for a solution to this problem, been to more than one mechanic and spent quite a bit with no success in solving this issue. As a result my cruiser has been parked for a few months now already. I'm from South Africa though and summer is here - need...
  3. Motorcycle Repair
    This question is sort of weird. So, when I ride my CB100 and sit back in the seat a little, I have high RPM issues and can't get over 30 MPH because it sputters to death. Why is it, when I sit all the way forward in the seat like I'm supposed to, does it function fine? I just found it a little...
1-3 of 3 Results