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  1. Looking for a gear change, 520 sprocket

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all! I've recently built a Ninja 250 shifter kart using original parts from the bike, i.e. chain and sprocket and the gearing is way to tall, I need to find a much smaller 520 sprocket, around 15 - 25t, but am having trouble finding anything here in Australia. Would anything other than a...
  2. Worn Out Cush Drives

    Motorcycle Repair
    So while I was replacing my rear sprocket on my YBR 125 project bike, I realised that my cush drives were quite worn out and causing the sprocket to wobble a bit. I've ordered the replacement ones straight away but they won't be delivered until Tuesday. Would it be safe to ride with this much...
  3. Brand new Chain is loose and tight in different spots!

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just changed out my chain and both sprockets because I noticed that it was tight and loose in different spots so someone told me to change out the chain and sprockets but it still has the same issue. I also noticed that even though the back sprocket is tight onto the wheel, that it wobbles...
  4. No motorcycle knowledge, please help!!!- High RPM's

    I bought a 1978 Honda Hawk T2 about two years ago. It was in perfect condition. It's 400cc, great starter bike for me considering I've never ridden a motorcycle before. Unfortunately it went downhill because I have no mechanical skills whatsoever and didn't have the money to just keep taking it...
  5. how do i change the gear ratio?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Not sure how this works im new and i dont understand all the information that has been given to me. wish they made it simpler maybe a book for dummies haha well i just want my bike to be able to cruise at 55 mph without having it at such high rpm's in 5th gear. i have a 1974 ts185. any help is...
  6. Modify Suzuki GSX600F Katana Sprocket??

    I am very new to sport bikes / motorcycles. I went from a 1980 honda cb750 custom to a 2001 suzuki gsx600f katana. I am trying to get myself ready for upgrades to the bike. I had another post where someone told me to modify the sprocket and a few other things, but i have no idea how to modify...