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  1. Help ! Seeking an alarm system for 1998 HD Sportster 883

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I'm a veeeery lucky girl for a first, you should see my girl ! My bike is in perfect body condition and attracts a lot of attention with its look. I'm afraid it will attract the wrong one big time... I live in a big city to add up to the equation. Last summer&fall was very stressful...
  2. Harley Davidson Sportster Fork Seal Replacement / Rebuild

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    Heres a video we put together documenting the tasks required to replace the for seals on this 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster as part of a standard fork rebuild project.
  3. 1976 XLCH Kickstarter only Sportster

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    Selling off my Sporty. 1976 XLCH . Kickstarter only. Engine rebuilt, new transmission King Sporty gas tank, Cobra seat, S&S Shorty E Carb, 14" Ape Hangers, Completely restored! Less then 1,000 miles on it since rebuild. $4,500 OBO
  4. 2008 Harley Davidson XL883C vs. 2005 Speedmaster

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi Guys, I am a new rider who has narrowed it down to these two choices. I'm not too good with specs/internals so I would appreciate any advice you all have. I will try to testdrive both.
  5. 2003 goliath soft tail chopper

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    S&S 124” engine S&S super G Carb. – carb body machined for Thunder Jet w/ –AN fitting (aircraft style) fuel inlet Pro-One Triple Trees and Forks – Trees have 5 degrees built in (Total bike rake 43 degrees) Hooker Headers Troublemaker Exhaust Baker Right Side Drive 6 speed Transmission w/...
  6. Tired of cars, want a bike, got questions

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey everybody, So I am going to college soon about 300 miles away and have always been interested in motorcycles. I am looking for a bike that you can ride to Nevada and back (I want to go to Burning Man) and I live in Massachusetts. I also want a bike that is easy to fix and can take a hell...
  7. Muffler vs Pipes? What makes them loud?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Harley Muffler vs Pipes? I have a 08 Sportster XL883. It still has the factory pipes and mufflers. I was wanting to know if the factory mufflers have removeable baffles? So what makes loud pipes? The muffler or the actual pipes? I just ordered these new Exhaust Slip-Ons on Ebay... here I was...
  8. First time rider!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks! I'm Ivan from California, East Bay. I started learning how to ride a month ago. My first bike is a Sportster 883. It's a bit heavy for a beginner, but I love it! What was your first bike?
  9. california harleys??

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    ok i got my service manual, and its telling me all these extra EPA parts my XL1200 SHOULD HAVE, but it doesnt. just to name two pretty obvious ones were the vaccum on the air intake and teh emissions box thats located around the air filer/gas tank. now, i have some drag pipe slip ons, when im...
  10. new dude!

    New Member Introductions
    im Adrian, im 18, been riding for about a month, i love it, recently got in an accident though, lady ran a redlight and was speeding, i cant ride till my hand heals which is in about 17 more days :) i have a 2008 XL1200R that my mom helped me finance (gotta love moms) im making all the...