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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Hey, would a CBR speedometer drive work with the NSR? They look particularly the same but I'm not sure..
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello, I am working on a personal project trying to build a digital motorcycle speedometer and am reaching out to various repair shops in the area hoping to get a few of my questions answered. I appreciate any help and thanks for you time! Do most or all modern bikes directly feed the...
  3. Motorcycle Repair
    I accidentally got a small amount of brake fluid on my speedometer lens and didn't notice it until days later. That part of the lens is cloudy now making it difficult to see through. Is there anyway to clear up the lens? I was thinking of trying a headlight lens restoration kit. Any...
  4. Honda
    Hi all - Hope I haven't missed anything, I'm new to this forum. I recently started riding a 1985 Nightawk cb700sc. The speedometer, odometer and "tripometer" all spontaneously stopped working on me the other day. Haven't really gotten into it at all yet, but does anyone have any suggestions as...
  5. BMW
    I have a 2001 f650gs bmw. When I first start up my bike and am accelerating in first gear my speedometer works and the ABS light is off. However, once I start going in second gear my speedometer stops functioning and the ABS light turns on. The brakes, however, still work fine... I'm not sure...
  6. Suzuki
    Hey guys, I recently bought a GS400S in decent shape (no frame damage, but some of the plastics are cracked) for $800, and I hope it was a good deal. However, I'm starting to run into some problems with it. So, newly today the speedometer and tachometer are no longer working. I don't know what...
1-6 of 6 Results