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  1. 1963 honda trail 55

    Motorcycle Repair
    hi i am somewhat new to motorcycles although i do know a decent amount. so i have a honda c105t and when i got to start it air blows out of the carb, i took the air filter off just so i could spray starting fluid down the intake easier and when i kick it air blows out the top. I know one of my...
  2. Suzuki GZ250 Won't start.

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, New here, thanks for having me. I recently bought a suzuki GZ250 (2005) from a guy who owns a riding school. A few scratches here and there but I tested it twice and it ran fine both times. Let it sit in my garage for a couple days, wouldn't start last night. Sounded like it was...
  3. Changing spark plugs?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just replaced my spark plugs on my Honda CM400 T (with the exact ones that were on it previously. The spark plug wires no longer fit over them, because the new ones have a little thing screwed onto them. It looks like the previous owner removed these things on the last plugs. Can I remove...
  4. Bike revs up and dies

    Motorcycle Repair
    i wrecked my honda nighthawk 550 83 about a yr ran finefor a week or two after. Immidiately After adding more oil it began smokin out of the tailpipes and I had to drive it home using the choke(I beleive I added to much oil. Since then I have pit new oil oil filter, spark plugs, and new...
  5. Possible carb/fuel problem?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Pretty new on this bike so I am not familiar with too much on it. It is a 1991 Suzuki GSX750F, supposedly has the GSXR motor in it, but I'm thinking he just said that because they have the same motors as the late 80's gsxr's. Yoshi pipe and jetted. My problem is the number 4 cylinder. I've been...
  6. 1983 GR650 Tempter Mystery

    I have a Tempter. It ran fine and one day it stopped. I let it sit a year and am attempting to fix it now. I have a new battery and fresh gas. I cleaned the carbs and fuel flows freely. The spark looks great, it arcs blue about 3/8" to the motor. To start it, I took the battery out and hooked...