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  1. Getting an ignition coil to spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have been trying to get this ignition coil and spark plug to light. I connected a 6v batterys negative lead to the metal frame and flicked the positive lead against the protruding wire, I am seeing sparks coming from the point of conact but nothing from the spark plug. according to my...
  2. Spark plugs/carburetor

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I have a 1985 Honda shadow 500cc that I've purchased as my first bike. She's only got about 16000 miles, and was running great when I first bought her. Recently, I took a break from riding, because it was too hot outside, and I also forgot to put the cover on. It, of course, rained like...
  3. No fuel getting to engine?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    The bike is a 1982 Kawasaki kz650 and its been sitting for 20 years. iv cleaned the carbs (not professionally), put a new battery, changed the spark plugs. and when I go to turn it over it doesn't start. There is fuel in the carbs because when I open the bottom screw fuel comes out, but the...
  4. 97 zx6 e plug gap - nowruns poor

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just change the 4 spark plugs on my 97 zx6e and now the bike lost quite a bit of power and does not run as it did I put the correct plugs in no doubt about that at all but I did not check the gap prior to installation as I was told they are pre gapped,,, after many phone calls and different...
  5. Spark Plug help

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey there, I'm a new ish rider and I'm on my second bike (2006 Yamaha V-star Classic) And after replacing the plugs, about 2k miles later I pull out the plug and it doesn't look pristine. I'm by no means a mechanic and was hoping I could get some input on it. Bike has about 7228 miles, and yes I...
  6. Any help on spark plug order for 1985 bmw k100 rt

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I was trying to post this in the motorcycle repair forum, but it wouldn't let me do it. I am changing the spark plugs on my 1985 bmw k100 rt, but I forgot the order of the wires that go over the spark plugs. Can any one help me please?
  7. '92 Virago Horrific Performance (Max Speed of 50 mph, No Guts)

    I'm no mechanic, but two real ones haven't been able to figure out what's happening with my bike, so I'm trying to figure some things out on my own. Bike sat for a couple years, and I had carbs cleaned. Bike would backfire a lot, and the mechanic couldn't figure it out. I let the bike sit...
  8. Problem '79 Rm125

    I recently worked on an old '79 Suzuki Rm125 after sitting for maybe 3-5 years. I'm pretty sure I washed the carb good. The stator was filled with water... :eek: but i cleaned it out and sanded the connections with fine sand paper. I got it running, but it will only run on choke... The second...
  9. 650 V Star spark plug size/placement?

    Hi again! Thanks for all the answers to my tool kit question before. I got a small MTS for my son to get started. He called yesterday and said he can't get the spark plugs out because his socket doesn't fit and neither does his brother's. I'm not clear on if the problem is depth of socket...