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  1. Shifter Help 2017 Suzuki Boulevard S40

    Motorcycle Repair
    I need to replace my shifter and can not seem to figure out how to remove it. I am fairly new to this. 2017 Suzuki Boulevard S40. I can take more pictures if these two don't show enough. These are the top and side view. Thank you to anyone who can help.
  2. 1985 Honda Shawdow VT700 Shifter Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    This is my first bike, first forum post and first issue - so if I don't get any of this right please let me know. Anyway, I bought a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700 and I'm having an issue with the shifter lever. The bike was pretty much fine when I got it, other than 1st being a little tricky. It...
  3. 1983 Honda Interceptor Clutch Behavoir Getting Moody

    Hi everyone, I'm a new rider, and I have probably been kinda rough on my bikes clutch, especially considering I'm learning on it. I accidentaly rev or do all kinds of weird **** while shifting. None of it has been catastrophic. When I bought the bike I had the mechanic give it a tune up. They...
  4. 74 CB360 shifting without clutch

    Motorcycle Repair
    First of all I'm an engineering student but by not an overly skilled mechanic. I have a 1974 CB360 that I'm fixing up in my basement over the winter. The problem is that the bike will shift without the clutch even being engaged. It will shift down to first, up to neutral,second, and third then...
  5. Shift lever adjustment

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So this season for whatever reason I've noticed that I've been missing my upshifts from 1st to 2nd a lot. At least once every couple of days I'll slap it into neutral and rev the crap out the engine on accident. I also felt slightly uncomfortable with the position of my foot and ankle when it...