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  1. Front end jiggle, not a wobble

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1990 PC800 that I have been working on myself. I have had an issue with the ride since the beginning. I bought the bike with an out of round tire which I replaced because it caused the front end to jiggle up and down. Further, it had bent forks and so there was severe binding, which...
  2. Sport Bike shaking at 80 mph?

    Sportsbike Forum
    So I was riding on I-94 a couple days ago and traffic was running a little fast between 75-80 mph. So I was cruising along at about 78 when I came up to a semi. I personally don't like semis when I'm on the bike because of the limited visibility and 16 tires ready to blow. But anyways, as I'm...