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  1. Fuse shorting out

    Hey there fellow riders, I currently am having a problem with a fuse that keeps blowing out. First off the fuse "usually" blows out when I use the turn signal and hit the foot brake at the same time but as far as I've noticed not when I use them separately and sometimes not, I can't say for...
  2. 1984 Honda Shadow VT700 DIED WHILE RIDING

    Motorcycle Repair
    I was out riding the other day perfect weather about 75 degrees out. My bike started to act like it was low on gas (which it was) so i kept riding trying to make it to the gas station about 2 miles out. Then my bike had a problem i noticed where the rpms and gear didnt match the speed i should...
  3. Bike will not run unless fully choked

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone, I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have a 2004 Honda shadow Sabre. It sat for about a year and now I am having problems getting it running. Whats wrong: My bike will turn over and start but only if it is fully choked. If you try and back the choke off...
  4. The "Pig"

    We have been trying to revive a 1985 honda Shadow vt500c bobber project that we have dubbed "The Pig" We got it as a basket case. We're almost there and have heard it run, but we're having an issue with the electrical system. Here's where we're at,...... The carbs have been rebuilt and...
  5. New rider from New englnd

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone hows it going, Im fairly new to riding and will be taking the MSF course this weekend. I've been looking around for my first bike trying to compare what would be the most manageable for a first time rider, yet still be fun a couple years down the line. Right now Im between a 750...
  6. Replacing muffler Baffles

    Motorcycle Repair
    I am purchasing a Honda Shadow 750 that the previous owner has removed the baffles from the exhaust to make a louder bike. He is giving them to me with the sale and I want to put them back in the mufflers, which seem to be an easy enough task. My Question: When I reinstall the baffles, will...
  7. First Bike for New Rider

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm looking at a '95 Honda Shadow VLX 600 as my first bike. It has 17,000 on it but I've heard that Hondas can get up to around 100,000 so I'm not too worried. Will it be good to learn on and possibly do a half-country tour on, even though it's a 4-speed? I plan on learning maintenance and cycle...
  8. '85 Honda Shadow VT700C Electrical Issue help

    Motorcycle Repair
    My '85 Honda Shadow VT700C has an issue I need help with... When the key is turned on the front turn signal lights illuminate as running lights, as they should. The rear ones do not illuminate. The license plate light and rear brake/tail lights function normally. When the left and right turn...
  9. 83 VT500 Build.

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hey guys and gals! Quick intro on me, Im 21, been riding since Im 13. Currently have this bike and a 2003 Honda VTX 1800. I'm cheap and like to do everything myself, (even if results aren't amazing) I still get the pride that I did it. Im from Mississippi and just love riding. When I got the...
  10. Diagnose transmission problem? (97 Honda Shadow)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey folks, new to the forum and relatively so to motorcycle repair, hoping for your sound advice. With the bike stopped and in neutral, after I engage the clutch and drop down to first, as I slowly disengage the clutch and roll on the throttle the bike seems to momentarily jam and lurch...
  11. Some Help with Choosing a First Bike?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hello fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, I am going to buy a bike for everyday use here in sunny Florida in the next few days. I have about 5K miles of experience ten years ago on a Harley Sportster 883, a friend's bike that I rode when we would go to bike week and Sturgis. I am 6'1" and...
  12. time to replace battery?

    Motorcycle Repair
    1998 Honda VT750 Sometimes when I turn the key and push the starter switch, it buzzes and the lights shut off. Turn the key off and on, and the lights don't turn on. I'd loosen the screws on the battery and tighten them up again, and then the lights come on and can start the engine. While...
  13. Need Info .. im sure its here somewhere

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    So im 26 and married 7 years. I spent 7 years convincing wife to let me get a bike.. looking at the ninja loved it.. want it..finally convinced her to let me get the 250.. then decided i didnt want it! I know how immature i can be..I drive my car at like 95 i would get bored...
  14. Need help buying keeper bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I've been riding on old rice-beaters for 2 years and now I'm looking to buy a decent cruiser. I'm looking for something newer that's at least an 1100cc and under $5,000 that's nice enough to keep around awhile. I love the look of a Honda Shadow and I hear that they're really dependable, but...
  15. Another Rookie Question

    First Bike / New Rider
    Howdy Everybody. I'm new here...obviously. I am FINALLY getting my first real street bike. After years of ridin' through fields and woods for fun, I decided gas prices are too high to keep drivin' the truck. I don't admit to know a lot about bikes, but I know a bit. I would like opinions on this...
  16. saddlebags?

    hey all... got a 2007 honda shadow vlx 600 and interested in suggestions for saddlebags. size? dealer? hard? soft? lockable? thanks. Seth
  17. New Handlebars

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello everybody :biggrin:. I have a Honda VLX600 shadow and it has the stock handlebars which are very comfortable and good looking too, but i sat on this other bike (happend to be a harley:thumbsup: :) with low ape hangers. It felt much better for my back and the posture was more comfortable...
  18. magna owner with question.

    hey i own a 1997 honda magna and am looking into replaceing my tank and found a good deal on a tank off of a 2000 honda shadow sabre off CL and it looks similar to my tank and i was wondering if anyone will know if these is interchangeable. thanks :71baldboy:
  19. 1985 Honda Shadow seat question

    I recently bought a 500 1985 Shadow. How difficult is it to put a single seat on that bike? Any seat recommendations? I just don't want the sissybar but it seems to be part of the frame. I can remove the seat but then I have issues with my turn signals / brake lights. I am kind of at a loss...
  20. S40 vs Shadow VLX vs V Star Custom

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have just started riding and am looking to buy my first bike. Im on the shorter side (5'8") and im looking for a cruiser style bike. The bikes that have caught my eye so far are the Suzuki Boulevard S40, the Honda Shadow VLX, and the Yamaha V Star Custom. Does anyone have any opinion on these...