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  1. Maintenance cost of Honda CB300R 2018

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Has anyone had this bike about a year or more? If so, how expensive has the service been at an official dealer so far? Also, how good fuel efficiency do you get at 80km/h when you ride 45 min straight?
  2. Cost of maintenance for Yamaha MT-125 and Suzuki GSX250RAL8

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have been looking at these two bikes since they are both fuel efficient and beginner bikes. Surprisingly, in my country the Suzuki is cheaper than the Yamaha, even though it is a 250cc. My questions are: Do you think the Suzuki is worse quality than the Yamaha? If any of you have these...
  3. Where Can i find 2014 VTR 250 efi Service Manuel

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    My VTR radiator fan isn't working, So I'm looking for 2014 VTR 250 efi Service Manuel
  4. Jacking a bike to service the front stem

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, I am thinking to service my front stem of the bike and to do this one would need to jack the bike so that the front wheel will not touch the ground. I was going to use a rear pit stand for stability and use a jack to lift the front end from under the engine (using a piece of wood between...
  5. Some Fault Codes

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    SUZUKI FAULT CODES Harley,Victory codes c11 Camshaft position sensor or circuit malfunction The signal does not reach to ECM for more than 4 sec. after receiving the starter signal. The CMP sensor wiring and mechanical parts...
  6. Suzuki 650 Bandit first bike tips anyone?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I've brought this as my first bike. Its got 30,000 miles on it and 2006 model. As Far as I can tell its not got any mods on it but i'm not really technical with bikes. Is there anything I should be looking out for? should I get it serviced first?
  7. Oil and Coolant Change

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello everyone. I've got a 2005 Suzuki C50 with 5700 Miles on it. I am going to do 4 year service on it which is: Change the Oil and Filter and Change the coolant. (I know I should have done it in 2009, but that was when I bought it.) First question. Do I need to put Suzuki Oil in my...
  8. No Oil? Help!

    First Bike / New Rider
    I bought a Suzuki C50 last weekend from a private individual. Its a 2005 with 805cc engine and I trailered it home and rode it around the block a couple of times (not more than 5 min) but I got out the book and was checking fluids and the bike didn't seem to have any oil in the crankcase, so I...
  9. 2008 sportster service manual??

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    i sent an email to a company that makes motorcycle service manuals, they said itll be about 2 years before the 2008 manual is out. now, would i be safe using a service manual for an 06/07 model? i have an XL1200R
  10. 1000 mile service

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    ok so im at 985, i went to a harley only shop and the mechanic told me if i cant afford my service right now (which i cant) is hould at least change the oil n filter, (which im going to do tomorrow morning) what he forgot to mention was, how many miles can i ride with mynew oil? someone told me...