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seized engine

  1. Honda Sl125 will not start after rebuild

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello Moto Forum, I bought a 1971 sl125 with a seized engine to learn about engines and servicing them. I have previously worked on go karts and lawn mowers for fun so I'm not to familiar with the OHC setup and far from an experienced engine builder. I soaked the piston for a week but it...
  2. Hello please help

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone this is my fist bike and im having trouble with its not turning over, I can put it in gear and kick it and the tire spins but absolutely no compression and the pistons do not seem to be moving. then its in neutral the bike just kicks free like nothing is engaging. The clutch it not...
  3. yz250f bizarre problem??

    Motorcycle Repair
    hey guys i just needed some advice about my bike... Last race i was thrashing my bike as usual and then i stalled mid-air(my fault), as i landed(very hard) i clutch started it, 2 laps later i noticed a lot of people overtaking me then realised my bike wasnt as fast. it was running as if i had...