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  1. Honda
    Hi everyone wondering is the new cbr650r comes with a good seat for the driver and a passenger or is it narrow for the passenger ?
  2. Wanted to Buy - WTB
    Dealer traded original seat for a low seat but want to go back to original seat. Happy to trade or just buy an original from someone.
  3. Suzuki
    I recently was thinking about upgrading my seat on my 2008 GXSR600. I recently came across Does anybody own one? How are they? (Also when i bought my bike, it didn't come with the Passenger seat attachment, just the hard cover. where...
  4. First Bike / New Rider
    I guess I'll really just have to go around and check bikes out to see how they feel, but for those of you who are any where close to 6 foot, can you tell me what you prefer? I would like to know what I'm looking for before I sit on every bike in Georgia. I've also noticed that some bikes look...
  5. Suzuki
    The seat currently on the bike is due for an upgrade -- any suggestions on where to get a good replacement seat with the same look? Also, the ignition coils are the originals and the spark plug wires leak current which is causing trouble. I'd replace just the wires, but they're molded into the...
  6. Motorcycle Repair
    I need to lower the seat height on a 1975 Suzuki TS185 because its way too high and when balancing the bike upright at a stop my feet barely touch the ground and im afraid one day it will lean from an air blast and i wont be able to keep it from falling over (im only 5'5 114lbs). Anyways im...
  7. Sportsbike Forum
    Do they make seat cowls for the Ninja 500? I've seen them on the 250, but I'm not sure about the 500. That banana seat just isn't my style :wink:.
  8. Cruiser Forum
    anyone riding/living in denver colorado and know of someone who could help with building a custom seat for my virago? thanks
  9. Honda
    I recently bought a 500 1985 Shadow. How difficult is it to put a single seat on that bike? Any seat recommendations? I just don't want the sissybar but it seems to be part of the frame. I can remove the seat but then I have issues with my turn signals / brake lights. I am kind of at a loss...
  10. Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hello all. I just bought a new custom seat cover for my TS 125 because the old one was trashed. well the foam underneath is bad too. (it looks like a yeti took a big bite out of the seat) anyway i was wondering where i can get cheap replacement foam and what kind of foam i need to use. Thanks :D
1-10 of 12 Results