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  1. One size fits all women's gear

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have several women friends interested in being a passenger. I am looking to buy one set of knee, elbow, back, and hopefully shoulder protection that could work on all of them. This must be freeway worthy. I am currently considering the strap on pads because they should conceptually fit any...
  2. Motorcycle Datalogger

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I was just wondering if I could get some help from some of you. I’m a student in my final year of university studying Computer Science, and am designing a prototype data logger for use with motorcycles to try and improve safety. For the project I need to get some feedback as to...
  3. Gear Exchange for Kids

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Does anyone have a good source for kid's riding gear? For being a passenger, not for riding themselves. I was thinking maybe an online source for consignment, other than EBAY or the like, or a forum sub-group where used equipment could get passed along to the next generation. I was hoping to...
  4. Airbag Jackets

    Motorcycle Training, Safety, and Riding Techniques
    Hi everyone, I would like your opinion about airbag jackets for 2 wheeler drivers. In Europe the jackets are more and more popular. Big brands have launched their own airbag jacket: Peugeot, Brembo... They are used by many administrations, police, emergency doctors, guardians.... I was...