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  1. 2013 Honda Sabre 1300 Fairings

    Obsolete thread
    Hey y’all, Wondering if anyone knows if the Burly Brand Outlaw fairing will fit a 2013 Sabre 1300. I have a stock headlamp and headlamp housing. The headlamp itself is 5 3/4”, which Burly Brand fitment states the fairing will fit, however I’m aware that the outlaw fairing is intended for Dynas...
  2. Bike will not run unless fully choked

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone, I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have a 2004 Honda shadow Sabre. It sat for about a year and now I am having problems getting it running. Whats wrong: My bike will turn over and start but only if it is fully choked. If you try and back the choke off...
  3. Honda Sabre multi-plate clutch problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    1983 Honda Sabre Vf750s. The bike runs great now except for the clutch. Hydraulic, multi-plate clutch flushed the line and bled it without change ordered a slave cylinder rebuild kit but haven't received it yet. Has anyone heard of this: ill start up the bike just fine and it idles perfectly...
  4. 84 Honda V65 Sabre CL Ad opinion

    Question: Saw this craigslist ad for an 84 Sabre looked like a good deal but wanted your guys thoughts. Says it needs a new rear shock soon (he said that through text) if so how complicated is that and how much to replace? Is this a good deal for price and everything? Let me know...
  5. Honda 750 Sabre V45

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, I know it's all the rage these days, but I am looking to getting into biking. I have been drooling over a bike on Craigslist that, as obvious from the title, is an '82 VF750S V45. It is in incredible condition, except the owner says that the carbs need rebuilt. I don't know much...
  6. New member has Honda Sabre V65 (1984)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I live in Northern California and have been a V65 owner for close to 20 years. I love to tinker with my bike. It runs great and I use it a lot. Motorcycling is as close to heaven as one can get on this earth. I hope to make some acquaintances with V65 interests. I recently...
  7. Total electrical failure on '84 Honda Sabre

    Motorcycle Repair
    The night before the trouble, I rode home uneventufully. Eight hours later, I go to ride it and there's NO electrical power. Not even enough to work the LCD gear display, which I gather takes almost no current. As I had somewhere to be, I roll-started it. Had to get it up to 20 MPH or so to...
  8. 1984 VF700S V45 problems galore!

    Well, I may of made a hasty decision when I purchased this bike. I didn't read up on the history of these hondas but it looked so clean and it had only 7.8k miles on it! It test drove nice and smooth and everything seemed ok. This is my first big bike purchase. I have just been doing vintage...
  9. 1982 Honda Sabre v45 750 - Is it worth rebuilding?

    I recently bought a 1982 Honda Sabre for a $100 as you can imagine for $100 its rough. The engine works, just needed a new rectifier. The bike would probably need torn down and put back together and repainted and some body parts replaced ie horn splitter, battery box, etc. What would this bike...
  10. I hear good things!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Jakums, I'm a relatively new rider from British Columbia, Canada. More specifically, the beautiful coastal Vancouver Island area. I have heard great things about this forum including great help, people, advice, and of course... BIKES!!!!! My first bike was a 82...
  11. New Member and New Rider

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I bought an '84 Honda Sabre V65 about a month ago after riding a 49cc yamaha scooter around for a year (in order to save $$$ for the bike) and i LOVE it! it's got awesome power, sounds great, and it's good to finally be able to salute the other bikers on the road instead of being...
  12. 85 Sabre 700 problems, very hard to push around

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi I just bought a Sabre 700, the bike is old, has about 23000 on it, but kept in relatively great shape. I already replaced the master cyclinder for the front brake and a gasket on the clutch's slave cylinder, it runs great and everything. Only problem is that I can't push it around, especially...
  13. magna owner with question.

    hey i own a 1997 honda magna and am looking into replaceing my tank and found a good deal on a tank off of a 2000 honda shadow sabre off CL and it looks similar to my tank and i was wondering if anyone will know if these is interchangeable. thanks :71baldboy:
  14. 84' Sabre Clutch Problem

    I have an 1984 Honda Sabre and have been having some problems with the hydraulic clutch. The clutch was slipping, so I replaced the clutch spring which was broken. And now the clutch will not operate correctly. The clutch doesn't want to release. I've read the manual, and it says that when...