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  1. Touring Forum
    I have a 2014 Harley ultra limited. My water pump went bad. While installing a new pump I decided to change out the temperature sensor. Called Harley to get one. They said it’s on back order until October 31st. Started looking for one on the internet but would have to order. Went to NAPA and...
  2. Parts Needed
    Hello! What chain would you recommend for stock 14/42 sprockets? I understand the chain size is 520-106 links but there are so many different kinds out there I'm lost... Kawasaki threads from 6 years ago had people recommending the D.I.D. 520VX2 X-Ring Gold Chain, but from the time of their...
  3. Harley Davidson and Buell
    Heres a video we put together documenting the tasks required to replace the for seals on this 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster as part of a standard fork rebuild project.
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    I am purchasing a Honda Shadow 750 that the previous owner has removed the baffles from the exhaust to make a louder bike. He is giving them to me with the sale and I want to put them back in the mufflers, which seem to be an easy enough task. My Question: When I reinstall the baffles, will...
  5. Motorcycle Repair
    Have a buddy who wants me to switch out her ignition switch on her 1989 Kawasaki eliminator 250. The actual switch from Kawasaki is roughly $120. Not happening. :) So I was looking at universal ones and can't seem to find one that is a sure fire replacement. Anyone know of any universal ones...
  6. Motorcycle Repair
    Hey there, I'm a new ish rider and I'm on my second bike (2006 Yamaha V-star Classic) And after replacing the plugs, about 2k miles later I pull out the plug and it doesn't look pristine. I'm by no means a mechanic and was hoping I could get some input on it. Bike has about 7228 miles, and yes I...
1-6 of 6 Results