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  1. Please reply quickly, im wondering which person to pick to do maintenance...

    Sportsbike Forum
    OK so I posted this on craigslist: "Need someone to repair my motorcycle. I might just go to a mechanic, but I am offering it to craigslisters to see if I can get a cheap price. All I need is carbeurator cleaned and oil change. Problem is that the Ninja 250cc keeps shutting off rather than...
  2. Hi! I'm getting into bike flipping!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I have heard there is a lot of money in flipping bikes, especially sports bikes. What should I know before I get into it? Also, what do I look for when buying salvaged bikes? Any suggestions on places to buy from? I live in Texas.
  3. 1982 Yamaha Xj500 carb issue

    Vintage Forum
    I have an xj500. the last time i drove it, it flooded the crank with gas to a point it was leaking out the sides of the seals. any ideas?
  4. 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650

    I just bought and Honda Nighthawk. It is in pretty good shape. I was wondering if anybody had any advance on anything I should do to make sure it is running the best it can? I have changed the oil and done a few more small things. Thanks
  5. 1985 CB700SC Starter Troubles

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently acquired a CB700 Nighthawk and have been piecing her back together on the weekends. As far as I can tell the bike was garaged because the starter would not kick over the bike. I have since replaced the battery, the solenoid, all battery and starter cables and the starter. The new...
  6. Fuel Problem with an '81 Yamaha XS Special 400

    Motorcycle Repair
    Okay, so I am in some desperate need of help. I have an old Yamaha that recently broke down about fifteen miles from my house and I don't know anyone with a truck, so...well, we'll see if I can get some tools out there to get her running myself! I'm certain the problem is with the fuel, as the...
  7. Yam' '76 80cc with annoying fuel suply problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    Thanks for reading!:) I just bought a Yamaha Enduro, 1976 80cc 2-stroke, that seems to have been maintained by a super clumsy dood. All the screws are stripped so I want to know exactly what the problem is before pulling it apart more. Here's what I know: The spark is fine, and so is the...
  8. Ducati Maintenance Costs

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm not asking how to repair one, just how expensive it is relative to other manufacturers. So I figured it would fit better here than in the maintenance and repair section. I have a 2001 BMW R1100S currently and thus am intimately familiar with how...prohibitive(or would exorbitant...
  9. Motorcycle Won't Start! -- Unsure of the Cause.

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a motorcycle which has a carburetor and is not fuel-injection. It was running fine yesterday. Today it started briefly but then died. I couldn't get it to start either with the electric starter or the kick starter. The kick starter makes the motor turn, but it just doesn't start. I...
  10. need repair advice

    Hello, I have a suzuki GS500 and am having trouble with it this year. I bought this GS about a year and a couple months ago. Last year I had to seal the fuel tank and get the carbs cleaned out because when I got it , it had rust in the fuel tank. It rode great all last season after I did...
  11. 1973 Honda CL450 Losing Power and Dying

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I've got a restored 1973 Honda CL450 (K5) that I bought as my first bike last summer. It's got 16k miles and it's been running great up until now. Several months ago I was riding home late one night when at around 45mph in 4th gear I began to lose about half my power. I downshifted and...
  12. 1992 Ninja 250 running slow

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and to motorcycles in general, so be patient with me please. I recently bought a 1992 Ninja 250 from someone locally. The bike only has 4000 miles on it, because between the previous 2 owners, the bike sat for about 5-6 years without being ridden. The bike...