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  1. Vintage Forum
    What vintage bikes would you consider best for short-distance commuting? Anyone out there have a vintage bike as a daily driver? I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. I am looking to buy a daily driver that I can rely on to get me to work (only 10 miles away). I love the old British...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Getting a new bike soon, and bouncing back and forth between two models. My first choice is a Yamaha V-Star 250. I'm a new rider, rode a Virago in the BRC, and feel the V-Star would be a good, safe, reliable choice. However, it is a bit small for me, and having ruled out Triumphs and the...
  3. First Bike / New Rider
    Hey All, I'm looking at getting my first bike. I really like the look of classic bikes with the flat seats, and like the old Honda CBs and BMW R series, but that poses a few concerns as 1. I'm tall and am a little concerned about seat height. but more importantly 2. I worry about the older...
1-3 of 4 Results