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  1. Bad Regulator or Wiring issue?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi All, Yesterday I posted regarding issues starting my Ninja 250 shifter kart in the making. Today I started it! I grounded the coils plus whatever else looked like it should be grounded, then I unplugged the regulator and wabam, it started! Afterwards I plugged in the regulater, went to start...
  2. charging issue help!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    hi i have a 1980 Honda cm400t with around 21500 miles the bike was running great up until recently. lost the key so i put a switch on for the lights and power over a year ago. it runs around 10.5 volts when the lights are on but when the power switch is off it runs at 13 volts with the battery...
  3. T250 problem - engine stops when lights is turned on

    A strange problem has occured on my Suzuki 1972 model T250 Motor is running perfect, until I turn on any electrical switch such as mainlight, signal lights or any switch. I have checked the charging, and the battery is fully charged all the time, but when I measure charging voltage from...
  4. Battery?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 2005 Suzuki gs500f. It worked fine for about 2 months and then it would die in the middle of a ride and wouldn't start. I put a new battery in it and it worked for about a month. Then I went to start it one morning after it was sitting for maybe 2 days and it wouldn't start. Tried...
  5. 1973 honda sl 125 headlights not working

    hi i have a 1973 honda sl 125, it runs good, only thing is, the headlights, neutral light, backlighting for the guages, and taillight doesn't work, headlight and tail lights i know have good bulbs, (just checked) also the kill switch on the handlebar does not do anything, however the ignition...
  6. cb350 72 battery troubles

    okay. I just got this bike and the only trouble I have with it is a battery problem. When I got this bike the old owners told me they took it to a shop and the mechanics told them that it was a bad rectifier. The battery will charge and I can run it for a while but then usually after I shut it...
  7. Stator out "again"

    Motorcycle Repair
    I replaced a stator on a VT1100C2 Sabre and it charged for a couple hundred miles, and then the battery died. I just tested it again and is showing continuity between all 3 leads and ground, just like the one I replaced. I don't know what it is but something is burning these up in my bike. I...