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  1. Custom Emblems

    How To
    Hi all, I ride a Honda CMX500, and I want to customize it a little by wrapping it and then adding custom emblems. My idea is to add the Honda wings logo to both sides of the fuel tank in chrome (instead of the stickers) and then "Rebel" in a different font on the rear fender. I've figured...
  2. Honda Rebel 1100! What do you think?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So here are some rumours on the "Honda Rebel 1100". Rumours say it comes with the same engine as the Africa Twin. Price 12k USD! What do you think? Source: Honda Rebel 1100 Could Hit the Market Next Year!
  3. Rebel 500, 5'9 150lb male

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, I am interested to know if there is a recommended size/weight depending on your body size. I am a 5'9 150lb male and am healthy and fit. I've read that a 400lb bike is considered pretty light. I'm considering a 2017 Honda Rebel 500 (which is 400lbs). I've been told to start with a...
  4. honda rebel questions

    First Bike / New Rider
    Is anyone specifically familiar with the honda rebels. I have a 1986 honda rebel and just want to be more familiar with my bike.
  5. Carb Overflow

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently repainted my candy red '85 Rebel 250 matte black with plasti dip. This involved removing the front and rear fenders along with the gas tank and repainted them. After painting and reassembling, the bike just wouldn't start! As soon as I tipped it over to put it back into the garage...
  6. 1985 Honda Rebel 250cc bobber

    First Bike / New Rider
    Is this an attractive bobber? Well built? Help! the seat was built from the rear fender, and custom tank paint job.
  7. 2003 Rebel 250 Coil(?) Issue.

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've been trying to post over on but their forums have been down for days :/ So I'm trying my luck here. This is the post I was TRYING to make there. "I've been around watching the forums for a while just lurking. Sadly my coming out introduction to the site is in Wrench Bending :/...
  8. Honda Rebel 250 underpowered?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I've been looking to get a bike and the Honda Rebel 250 has always appealed to me. I am interested in its cruiser style, and the fact that it's apparantly so rookie-friendly. I was speaking with a co-worker about the Rebel, and he said that it was too underpowered to maneuver effectively in...
  9. First bike: TU250 vs. Rebel vs. Bonneville, etc..

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey guys. I searched and was unable to find posts for this question.. I'm a noob looking to start riding. It would be my primary transportation, so reliability is important, and I will probably ride about 10,000 miles a year. This would include 4 hour, 220 mile trips via freeway once every...
  10. rebel 250 choke relocation

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I just put drag bars on my rebel 250. I didn't flip the bar mounts because I didnt want to relocate the speedo. The only problem I seem to have now is the metal L shaped choke wire guide coming out from under the left hand control is very close to the tank at full left turn. Can I redo the...
  11. Honda Rebel questions

    First Bike / New Rider
    Ok...I'm sick of these gass prices. I got a van to be practical because I work and have worked for dog kennels where I needed to tote dogs around all the time. WIll my van eats up a lot of gas. I have always wanted a motorcycle and I have a few questions about the Honda Rebel. How is it on...