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  1. Building, Restoration & Modification
    ive bought new shocks from the link below and they seem great but im a bit confused. theres a white plastic ring and a grey ring below it and they just seem like theyre supposed to come off but i have no idea how to get them off. are they supposed to stay on?? im trying to do the setup on them...
  2. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    Hey all, I new to the forum and also new to this bike. I recently bought a 2003 sv1000s and absolutely love it. It was upgraded to the zx10r rear shock which is great. However I'm having an issue of adjusting the preload nuts on the shock. I've tried pounding it and taking a spanner wrench and...
  3. BMW
    So the rear shock on my 1998 bmw r1100rs is starting to leak profusely. I'm looking into replacing it. Trying to get some ideas for a decent upgrade or if I should just go with OEM.
  4. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    My rear shocks came in the mail, but of course, I ran into some problems, probably because this new parts seems to have been made for multiple bikes instead of specific to my 1980 Honda CB650. One issue is that the shock doesn't clear the chain-guard at all pre-load positions, so I have to...
1-4 of 4 Results