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  1. Shifting problems

    i just recently bought my first bike, an ‘82 Hondamatic, and it was running great until recently, it shifts from the first and second gear on the screen, but when in each gear, it doesn’t shift up and makes it top out at 50 in first and 45 in 2nd and had no acceleration.
  2. Tec question from a new rider

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've had my GS500E for about 6 weeks now. When I drive along at 140 KM/H / 7000 RPM it sets out after about 3 kilometres (1,5 mile) and goes down to about 4000 RPM or 80 KM/H. I can changes gears down and force it up again, or wait a minute to come back in 6th gear, but it'll keep doing it...
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADVISE ME about something I just stumbled across

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi community To get straight to the point, I just bought my first motorbike this afternoon and rode it home and parked it up. I came outside to admire her (about 19.5 minutes ago) and was having a nice close look at it's assembly when I noticed a white pipe / inlet / stem into container that...
  4. 1978 Honda CB125S running weird.

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I've torn the carb apart half a dozen times and cleaned all the jets, checked the points, the chain, the air filter and the coil... they are all new or good as new So far these are my issues: - the bike is revbing up on its own (without me touching the throttle) - when riding, the bike kinda...
  5. First Bike: 1981 Honda CM400T

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just now purchased my first motorcycle. I've been a long time scooter owner - yes, I know they are no where near the same thing - but there is going to be a lot to do with this bike. I know that I am going to need tons of help and I figure the best place to ask would be right here with you...
  6. Few problems with my hyosung gt 125 r

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey guys im a new member here, i have a hyosung gt 125 r 2008 plate, its a beautiful bike black and orange colour scheme, nice big bike with very good fuel efficiency. However i have ridden a fellow friends bike same make as mine 12 plate and have found very noticable differences. On my bike...
  7. How To Replace Exhaust Headers?

    So, sorry for all the questions but I just cant figure some things out and need an extra brain to pick. Anyways, so one the stock mufflers on my bike was cracked so I decided to get new ones. Picked up shortys since they were really cheap on craigslist. Took off the exhaust header pipes and...
  8. Parent Problems

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm 15 and am looking at getting a motorcycle in a few months. In California, you can get your m1 when you are 15 1/2. I have been learning to ride dirt bikes for the past few years at my buddy house. Long story short, I know how to ride a motorcycle and would like to get one. My pap's had many...
  9. please help me out. dont know what to do

    Motorcycle Repair
    Ok so im at my dads house for a while. Yesterday was the first time i TRIED to ride my 1973 suzuki ts185. Didnt work out so well. i have to feather on the throttle or the bike will immediately die. i usually feather it around 3000-4000rpm to keep it alive. Today i kinda rode it. well it took me...
  10. Starter Issues...Any ideas??

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm having a problem with my starter on my 1980 Honda cb900c. My engine will turn over a couple times, then it seems the starter lets go and just spins out, then comes to a halt while grabbing a few teeth. so, I have pulled the starter, put power to it, seems to spin no prob, lots of power. I...
  11. 2007 Suzuki Bandit / GSF 650 ABS, something wrong?

    Hello, Bike: 2007 Suzuki Bandit (aka GSF 650) ABS This is my first bike. I purchased it in 2008 (so i've had it for less than 5 months) and it has less than 2000km (1250 miles) on it. Here are a few concerns I have about the bike. First of all the fuel consumption is quite high. I am getting...
  12. Help with my suzuki 1976 gs750???

    My bike is running horrible. It seems to be running on two cylinders and only when the choke i on. I worked on it all winter and it had been running great. All the way up until two days ago it just wouldn't run right. I have been having problems with my neighbors and not sure if they had...
  13. 94 Katana Won't Start

    I have searched many forums but still haven't found the answer. I seem to have an intermittent problem that causes my 94 Katana 600 to not start. Here is the story: At the beginning of the season I couldn't get my bike to start. It would turn over and occasionally backfire, but not start...
  14. 1984 Suzuki GS400S

    Hey guys, I recently bought a GS400S in decent shape (no frame damage, but some of the plastics are cracked) for $800, and I hope it was a good deal. However, I'm starting to run into some problems with it. So, newly today the speedometer and tachometer are no longer working. I don't know what...