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power loss

  1. Suzuki SV650. Can’t figure out what’s wrong!!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all. First time posting and I’m hoping someone, anyone, has had the same problem I’m having or have some idea about what’s going on I bought a 2000 sv 650 as a daily rider. Nothing fancy, just something to get around that has a little zip. Bike rode great for a few months but then started...
  2. 1973 Honda CB450 Losing Power

    Vintage Forum
    Hey Y'all, I just bought a 1973 Honda CB450. It's been running fine until a couple days ago. What happens is I'll be cruising along in 3rd or 4th gear at <30mph and suddenly lose about half my power. When I slow to a stop and put in the clutch the engine dies, but when I release the clutch the...
  3. 1983 V65 low power

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1983 V65 Magna with 20,000 original miles. It runs smoothly and seems fine. A person who is unfamiliar with these very agile bikes would not realize that there is a problem. It simply lacks the quickness that it should have. The compression checks out fine. The carbs have been...
  4. 09 DR 200SE ticking sound and loss of power

    Motocross and Dual Sports Forum
    I recently purchased a 09 DR 200SE on craigslist for my first bike after riding it for probably around 400 miles I had not had any issues with it until I over-revved the bike and immediately after I over-revved it I had a HUGE loss in power (couldn't get the bike over 30 mph and seemed to have...
  5. 1993 Nighthawk No Power To Gauges

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 93' Nighthawk. I went to turn it on and I am not getting power to my gauges. The last time I rode it, it was fine. I checked the battery and i am getting a charge. I also checked all the fuses and they are fine. I checked all the connections behind the headlight and they are getting...
  6. Losing power on the highway, help!

    Motorcycle Repair
    On the highway to work this morning, going 65ish, I'm in 6th gear. For a little bit I feel like the bike was revving too high for 6th but I can't be certain.. Anyway, halfway through the ride the tachometer starts spiking to its limit and I lose power for an instant. I lay off the throttle and...
  7. Difficulty accelerating

    Hey everybody. I'm having some issues with my 2004 Honda Rebel. Before I get started I know that it's a 250 so it's innate power is limited, so the comparative adjectives I use will be to compare it to itself. That being said... I left my bike un-ridden for about two weeks. Now when I ride...