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  1. 1979 Suzuki GS750L Timing issues

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I have a timing issue on this bike I bought about 1 1/2 months ago. I bought the bike basically in parts I put everything back together, cleaned the carbs, had everything operational and was able to ride it. The bike always had trouble starting. It ran OK it would idle at different RPM’s...
  2. Stuck Points

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have been restoring a 1974 Honda 125XL and have been unable to get the ignition system to work. The culprit being this Points that appears to be fused shut. Any suggestions for getting it open?
  3. Wiring an advancer to an ignition coil

    Motorcycle Repair
    This is on a 1974 Honda 125XL Ignition Coil Leftmost (1 pin) Advancer second from left (1 pin) Gearbox second from right (4 pin) Battery Rightmost (4 pin, Positive, negative and a loopback) I have just confirmed that the ignition coil works, Now I am trying to figure out if the advancer...
  4. Help!/Whack-A-Mole

    First Bike / New Rider
    I need some help trouble shooting a problem with my bike. 1975 Honda CB360T 10,000 miles. We rebuilt & re-jetted the carbs, put on pod air filters, and new spark plugs. It chugged and backfired a bit on the left cylinder. Whilst setting the points, we discovered that the test light stays on...
  5. 73 CB450 Dumping gas out of the distributor????

    I am at a loss on this one it's not flooding the carbs but I have absolutey no clue why or how you get gas coming out of the points. :confused: Anyone Have a clue I am beyond lost and at this point and would like to get it running before winter gets here.