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please help

  1. VN750 oil leaking from the exhaust port

    Motorcycle Repair
    Laid the bike down into a ditch going too fast around a turn... Rode it back home after some difficulty keeping her running. Ended up having to open the idle screw all the way or she would suddenly drop RPMs and stall. After a less than perfect ride home I took a closer look and found oil...
  2. 2007 cbr 125 honda please help if you can

    Motorcycle Repair
    Four days ago I bought a Honda cbr125 , today I shifted down to second to make a turn at the lights, when it pop out of gear and revved as though it was in neutral, I pushed it into a parking lot tryin out the gears .. But nothing, it just revs like it's in neut. I can roll it like it's in...
  3. keep burning lights

    First Bike / New Rider
    dude I cant seem to keep headlights or taillights good in my 1980 Honda twinstar!! its aggravating!! the high beam is always the first to go, then the low beam, all in about a week. the brake light works all the time but the running light portion works for about 5 minutes then quits. ive got...