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  1. Iso: 1953 indian brave 250 piston

    Vintage Forum
    To whom it may concern, I'm in desperate need of a piston for my 1953 brave. I have searched the interwebs far and wide, called most modern piston companies with the hope of finding something similar, but to no avail. This is a cry for help as it is the last piece of the puzzle for me to finish...
  2. Weekend Project: Changing Piston Rings

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys. I recently bought a second hand possibly lemon 1989 Honda dream c100. I bought it out of necessity: I needed a ride to my new job, and I only had 3-400 bucks to spend on wheels. Got it for approximately $383 in local currency. Looking at how quickly it eats gas and engine oil, along...
  3. 1969 yamaha 250

    Vintage Forum
    Hello, i'm new to this so lets start with a question. i have a 1969 yamaha dt1 250. i was wondering about pistons, i have a 77.50 piston and a std jug (i think). so i guess i'm asking, should i just get std rings or do i need to get over sized rings? i don't know much about this but i can try to...
  4. Caliper pisons

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just bought a bike and the guy said the back brakes just locked up on him one day. So I took apart the brake system and cleaned it a little then bleed the brakes. Took it out for a drive and they were working fine for a while till they locked up on me to the point where my back tire dragged...
  5. yz250f bizarre problem??

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    hey guys i just needed some advice about my bike... Last race i was thrashing my bike as usual and then i stalled mid-air, as i landed(very hard) i clutch started it, 2 laps later i noticed a lot of people overtaking me then realised my bike wasnt as fast. it was running as if i had my brakes...
  6. 74 honda elsinore piston rings needed!!

    Hard to Get Parts
    I've been looking for quite awhile for some piston rings for a 1974 Honda MT125 i need standard sized rings, but i can only find rings for a bored out cylinders! Please help i need this part!
  7. Doesnt seem right....

    I changed out my rear caliper on my 04XB12R due to some striped threads, and put new Ferodo pads in. I have noticed that the pads are wearing uneven. The pads against the piston seems to be thinner in running them for the last few weeks. I replaced my rotor also and have noticed that the same...