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  1. Bagger Deluxe Graphics Gold-leaf/Silver Leaf package

    For Sale: Motorcycles Parts & Accessories
    Universal set for touring / baggers:*$50 Free shipping in Continental US What you get! * The Tank: 2 side tank decals*roughly 12"long by roughly 5.5" tall. The 2 side front accents are roughly 5.5" tall by 2" wide. 2*Top tank decals roughly 12" long by 5" wide. Top tank side accents are roughly...
  2. experience with decals?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    hey guys im looking into giving my bike a new look by adding some pinstripe decals and i was wondering if any of you have used decals (or better yet pinstripe decals ) on your bike. if so how did it turn out? was it difficult to put on? how did they weather? anyways thanks for the advice/ info...