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  1. Petcock problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, I got recently just bought a 1988 Kawasaki eliminator. I’ve noticed that when I fill the tank (careful to not overflow), I’ll ride it for about 15-20 mins and then put it back up for the night. When I go to get on in the morning and I flip the petcock to ON position the fuel leaks on to...
  2. still leaking fuel

    Motorcycle Repair
    alright so....I was leaking gas from my drainage tube on my carburetor. I took off my carbs and all floats, pins and needles checked out good. I put my bike back together and its leaking when the petcock is on the "reserve" position and not on the "on" position. Could the petcock cause this...
  3. 2000 Katana GSX750F Petcock question

    I can not get gas to flow at a steady rate. This is my first bike and am new to the motorcycle world. I was wanting to know if the vaccum line hooked up to the petcock is necessary because here is my plan: gutting the petcock so the gas will be gravity fed, plugging up the vaccum port on the...
  4. 1984 VF700S V45 problems galore!

    Well, I may of made a hasty decision when I purchased this bike. I didn't read up on the history of these hondas but it looked so clean and it had only 7.8k miles on it! It test drove nice and smooth and everything seemed ok. This is my first big bike purchase. I have just been doing vintage...
  5. Petcock and Fuel Line

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Ive got a 73' cb100 that my wife cruises around town on and I'm going to replace the petcock. I've got a complete one that I am going to use, but in the clymer manual it doesn't say how to remove the petcock from the tank. Is there any trick or do I just pull it off. I wanted to get some...