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  1. Selling a loose collection of 1968 Honda CL350 Parts

    Vintage Forum
    I bought a 1968 Honda CL350 three summers ago and planned to restore it by the end of the summer but was only able to dismantle it fully before I had to move and no longer had space or funds to restore it. Currently, I have some free time on my hands but not enough to put it all back together...
  2. 76 CJ360T needs help

    New Member Introductions
    HI all. Just picked up my very first bike. 1976 CJ360T. Needs gauges speedometer/ tachometer/ ignition. rear signal lights that screw into the rear fender size 8mx 1.25 thread. I searched ebay, attempted to make contact with a few sellers without success. I'm in New York City. Anyone out here...
  3. Triumph parting out: 2002 Sprint St low speed collision, but only cosmetic damage

    For Sale: Motorcycles Parts & Accessories
    British Racing Green Triumph Sprint ST parting out due to low speed collision which damaged farings, instrument panel and left handlebar. Insurance paid for uninsured motorist and let me keep the bike. Engine, transmission, and all other components in very good condition. 2nd owner and owned...
  4. Rebuilding a bike that I have no information on

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey guys, I hope y'all are doing well. Below I have some pictures of a bike I wish to rebuild, but I'm not exactly sure how I should go about doing it. Can anyone give me some tips and/or a part list that it needs? Thanks in advanced! imgur.c om/a/boHQE
  5. Throttle cable - 1982 Kawasaki KZ440 D4

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I bought this bike a few weeks ago and the throttle doesn't snap back at all. I'm thinking that is because there is only 1 throttle cable on the bike. I called a Kawasaki dealership and they said that there isn't a deceleration/close throttle cable, but in the manual I have there shows both...
  6. Finding parts

    Motorcycle Repair
    Thinking about buying a second bike to pull parts of off. What is the best way to find out if they will be compatible with my 81 Honda Cm400E? Do I have to check part by part what works what doesnt?
  7. Selling parts for 2004 Hyosung GT250 Naked

    For Sale: Motorcycles Parts & Accessories
    I am parting out the entire bike because the right cylinder blew a piston on 9/16/2014 and too expensive for me to get fixed. So every part is up for sale other than what is broken. On 8/27/2014 I got a brand new front tire 110/70-zr17 and a brand new OEM starter motor. I have receipts for both.
  8. Crashed into a Ducati M796?

    Motorcycle Repair
    So today i accidentally crashed into a motorbike as i was exiting the roundabout, the motorbike was in my blind spot and i only saw it after i smashed into it. Short story i agreed with the rider to pay for expenses and damages,i thought i may ask you guys to get an idea about the repair costs...
  9. 83 nighthawk 650 manual

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Cm anyone help me find a manual on my 83 Honda nighthawk 650SC? I'm used to working on cars and they are a bit different. It doesn't really need to be a manual. I just need help identifying the parts.
  10. Unidentified Part: I need help ASAP.

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have this part that I removed from my bike because it was making an atrocious noise. I took it apart to see what had been happening to make it make such a noise, and I found that it'd been shorted out some how, and was now grinding on itself. I have no idea what it is, and apparently I can't...
  11. looking for a special decal for a 1999 Honda Magna VF750C2

    Motorcycle Repair
    i have a 1999 honda magna VF750C2 and unfortunately someone opened a cab door on me and the beautiful black/orange design fuel tank took the brunt of the impact. I am looking for a new one or at least the orange decal. any ideas where to look for it ? i would appreciate any lead my email...
  12. My New Parts Tumbler (Pictures)

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I found this old thing in the basement. I was originally going to use an old 110v dryer motor with a 5 gallon bucket but I think this will work too. It was in the house when we moved in, I wouldn't use it for ice cream anymore but I'm running my first few pieces through right now. First few...
  13. 1983 Honda Shadow 750c --Get rid of sub fuel tank???

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1983 Honda Shadow. I didn't realize that when I bought this bike a month ago that there was a big hole in the sub fuel tank that was simply repaired with an old tire tube:thumbsdown: I was wondering if I could just by pass the sub fuel tank and get rid of it all together since it is...
  14. Interchangeable Parts?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Does anybody know if I could use the plugs and ignition coils from an 83 Shadow 750 on a 500 of the same year? Doesn't seem like too good of an idea, but what do I know? So far my only other option is the wires and coils from a 93 Shadow 600. Both seem like questionable ideas at best. I'm going...
  15. 1981 Suzuki gs 550 t electrical

    Vintage Forum
    Im overhauling the engine and stripping the frame to restore but and im labeling everything staying very organized but when i got down to electrical there is a white box beside and connected to my stater relay that i dont know what is it has a positive wire running out that connects to the relay...
  16. Sacramento area shopping

    Cruiser Forum
    Just bought a 1100 Shadow and only have one dealer near. Does anyone have recomendations for shopping accessories for motorcycles, honda in particular in Sacramento or Modesto. What is your favorite?
  17. Need a gas tank for an 81 GS 450T BADLY!!!

    I dumped my bike, now the only thing I need for it to be completely restored is a fuel tank and a rear fender. The fender I could care less about but if I find one I'd buy it. I REALLY NEED A TANK! PLEASE HELP! The bike is my only vehicle and without it I can't even get to a job
  18. Salvage or parts shops in the San Diego area?

    Hard to Get Parts
    I got a long list from Google, BUT most of the numbers I got were no good or they didn't deal in parts/salvage anymore. [ fail.] Until I get my bike running better, I'm stuck relying on public transportation so I can't get very far from home. Anyone have any suggestions or...
  19. Salvage or parts shops in the San Diego area?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I got a long list from Google, BUT most of the numbers I got were no good or they didn't deal in parts/salvage anymore. [ fail.] Until I get my bike running better, I'm stuck relying on public transportation so I can't get very far from home. Anyone have any suggestions or...
  20. looking to identify some parts---need help

    Motorcycle Repair
    i just bought out a small bike salvage business and need help IDing some parts. (the guy didn't label his stuff when he parted out the bikes which is probably why i got it so cheap...) i was wondering if anyone knew a place on the internet i might be able to type in my part number and get the...